Refraining from eating food. The Bible describes three main forms of fasting: 1)

The Normal Fast, involving the total abstinence of food. Luke 4:2 reveals that Jesus “did

eat nothing.” Afterwards “He was hungered.” Jesus abstained from food but not from water.

2) In Acts 9:9 we read of an Absolute Fast where for three days He “neither did eat nor

drink.” The abstinence from both food and water seems to have lasted no more than three

days (Ezra 10:6; Esther 4:16). 3) The Partial Fast—in Daniel 10:3 the emphasis is upon

the restriction of diet rather than complete abstinence. The context implies that there

were physical benefits resulting from this partial fast. However, this verse indicates

that there was a revelation given to Daniel as a result of this time of fasting.
Fasting is the laying aside of food for a period of time when the believer is

seeking to know God in a deeper experience. It is to be done as an act before God in the

privacy of one’s own pursuit of God (Exodus 34:28; 1 Samuel 7:6; 1 Kings 19:8; Matthew

Fasting is to be done with the object of seeking to know God in a deeper

experience (Isaiah 58:1; Zechariah 7:5). Fasting relates to a time of confession (Psalms

69:10). Fasting can be a time of seeking a deeper prayer experience and drawing near to

God in prevailing prayer (Ezra 8:23; Joel 2:12). The early church often fasted in seeking

God’s will for leadership in the local church (Acts 13:2). When the early church wanted

to know the mind of God, there was a time of prayer and fasting.

Today is not the first time fasting has some to my mind whie in Haiti.
God is continually calling me closer to Him, and in many cases, it requires me to lay

things at his feet.
Sometimes, this has been a fast of food, for various reasons.
For some times, it was to simply understand Him as my source of sustainance.
Others, it was to physically lay myself in His hands as I was seeking His will.

Fast’s go for different lengths, and usually I specify up front a length, to hold myself

accountable to God for that time.

However, the topic of fasting today comes up with slightly different context.
First, I have realized that while I am attempting to be “fully here”, meaning that I am

fully immersed in the ministry God has placed in front of me, I have been spending way

too much time on the internet. I know how the Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, and even the

NBA and NHL playoffs are going. I am trolling facebook more than even when I am in the

This needs to change. I am here because God has brought me here. I must be focused on


Second, while God has provided unique opportunities in my life, they are only available

through Him, and, as Abraham was willing to give up Isaac, I must be able to lay down

everything God has given me, even the best things, at His feet as a sacrifice.
I have to sort this out a bit, and spend some time fasting for this.

Third, this fast has an undefined length. I must seek God until He has completed this

work in me, whatever it may be.

Finally, as you may have guessed, this fast is from the internet. I will not be online

(with the exception work-related email) until further notice.

I will write blogs, but they will wait to be posted until I return, as was the custom

when I didn’t have good internet access.

God Bless.

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