So, I’ve been slacking on updates on here.

Honestly, it just feels like I’ve been getting repetitive and have nothing new to say.
Tim and I have been getting in a routine around here in Jacmel. Everyday just working on wiring projects til we run out of

work and/or motivation for the day, then hanging out with the kids for a while.
I think today I will break the routine and go out and do some welding after dinner, but we will see. I am hesitant to start

welding since I want to accomodate new batteries in my battery racks now. I don’t want to make something that will only be

used for a short bit then be scrapped.

I got word today about a meeting tomorrow with another local ministry in Jacmel. A Haitian/American woman is down here,

having retired from her job in the U.S. and moved back to Jacmel. She runs a feeding program for about 200 people, hosts a

church at her house, and will be starting an orphanage as soon as her new building is finished.
She wants to get on solar power because EDH (grid power, Electricitie D’Haiti) is burning up her appliances, and I went over

last week and told her that since she has an inverter already, it will take about $3,000 to get started. She called me back

today to have a meeting tomorrow. I think she has the money in hand, ready for me to start purchasing materials.
Given my current schedule, that will be my next project for an open time slot, so that puts it in the Mar 20th-31st range.
If anyone is interested, I could probably use a couple sets of hands for that job. I will bring up Jude to work with me

Prior experience with F1 Engineering will jump you to the front of the line. 🙂 or electricians…lol.

It’s good to be getting more work to do. Especially if I can get the materials in like I’m hoping. Looks like I may be

pulling for people to have long layovers in Miami more often to restock my supplies now that I have friends at Sun

I can’t wait to meet them on my way home in April as well.

Anyhow, some prayer requests here:
First, for me. It’s been two months. It’s been great, but I am starting to get in a rut and lose focus spiritually. I need to

get back the passion and motivation. The Akron team should help, but it’s mostly me and God needing to be on the same page


Second, for friends that are sick. I’ve got friends dealing with kidney issues, insomnia(J.T), and lots of other stuff.

Please pray for each of them.
Also, although he’s not exactly a “friend”, pray for Sidney Crosby, cause it would stink to be dealing with a concussion

still 2 months later, and for the Montreal Canadiens player who got a busted vertebrae this week. As you can tell, ESPN is my

connection to home…lol.

Third, for our kids here. They are awesome, I love them, but there are always issues and we cannot always see them. Sometimes

kids in this setting will just blend in, and we don’t want that to happen. We want to love them all and make sure they all

know Christ, but we cannot know everyone’s hearts.

Fourth, for transportation. I still need a way to get around. This job in Jacmel will require picking up panels in Les Cayes,

and since it is not a Hands and Feet job, I may not have a vehicle for it.

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