we took an epic road trip today. Me, Yves, Maggie, and Tiff went up into the mountains south of PAP, then out to Gr. Goave and back to drop them off.
Tomorrow morning Josh, Sean, and Rullo get here. Can’t wait.
Won’t be posting much probably, but i’ll do what I can.
God Bless.

P.S. Got an awesome email tonight from Teresa down in D.C. Looks like I could have some help getting things in order to try to raise support. she’s got some good ideas and is already rounding up more help for me too. w00t!

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  1. RIck Jacoby says:


    Glad I could help you out with the tools. Hope they were most beneficial to you. My week in Haiti was an awesome experience. We worked at an New Life orphanage all week and got to play with a bunch of amazing kids. I got to team up with a super group of people from Rhode Island. Can’t wait to go back. See you soon. Be safe and well. God bless the work you are doing down there.


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