Getting ready to head back to Haiti.
I will be departing on January 17th for another 3 months in country.

Right now I’m finishing up getting my tools together. Just got some new ones, including nail guns, a new cordless hammer drill, and a electrical meter to replace the one i lost in haiti.
I’m also working on a newsletter to send out before I leave. If you donated to F1, I know you are on our mailing list. Email me your address if you would like a newsletter.
In fairness, the information should also be making it on the website here just the same.

I also have plans to get a whole pallet of solar panels shipped into the country soon.
God has provided me with a contact in Cap Haitian. I will be working on installing a solar power station for this organization, and they have free shipping worked out, so it is a great time to ship in some panels for other works.

This would be a good time to realize the impact of donations. Look at the “how to help” to get an idea of how panels are used, and how much is needed for panels, charge controllers, and other items.

God Bless,

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