Just finished installing the solar power system for Mercy and Sharing in Williamson.
They put together a great system here, with a 6500 Watt Solar Array, a 48V, 800Ah Rolls Battery Bank, and a 6000W 240VAC output Inverter system.
It’s been great to work with Jeff Swope up here as well. I like to pick his brain to learn as much as i can about construction and Haiti while I am around him since he’s been involved in both things for a long time.

Tomorrow I will be returning to the house in Delmas with Hands and Feet to fix a few small details, then I will continue to Grand Goave on Friday.
Once I am in Grand Goave, I will talk with Lex to get the final details laid out for shipping my truck and would like to have it loaded and ready to leave Johnstown early next week. Although, Wednesday may be preferable so Josh doesn’t miss warehouse night if I don’t need him to.

I still have the list in my old blog posts.
I’ve had a couple ideas for additions.
First, a table saw would be stellar.
Second, and this is to the guys in my house, I want a breadboard down here. My breadboard, which is a plastic rectangle that you can put wires and electrical components in to build up circuits, is in the house. It should be in the furnace room. It’s white-ish and probably still have some electrical stuff in it.
Third, some 26 AWG wire, about 100 ft should be plenty. Solid, not stranded. 🙂

-paintbrushes for putting primer on solar panel racks
-2-3 pints of neon orange paint, or something equally bright
-White spray paint to cover the rust on the truck once I get it through customs.
-my combat boots, i’m guessing i left those in my bedroom
-my kreyol bible
-a wall charger that i can plug in my ipod

Prayer Requests:
-For Jeff Swope, the guy I’m working with here, as his email account was hacked today. Doesn’t appear to be any direct harm, but the hacker deleted his entire contact list and all his old emails, which was most of his haiti-related information.
-For wisdom of how to use more people that are volunteering to come on trips. Looks like I’ve got some more engineers wanting to come this way, and I want to make good use of their skills.
-For JT. Always a prayer request.

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