Uh-oh, rain is coming. Just got dark.
Been a beautiful day so far.
Had internet almost the whole time.

Worked on the solar power system out in Savanette. After a

complicated jumpstart (literally, jumper cables to my car), the

system is back up and running, or at least charging.
Tomorrow morning I’ll try the inverter again, but if the batteries

are charged we shouldn’t have a problem.

Funny how I gave up on looking for a new guitar, than I found one on

craigslist today while I was bored. This one fell into the price

range of useful for a needed purpose though. It was going to cost my

at least $75-100 to fix my Alvarez Acoustic/Electric to bring down

here, and now I found one for $150 that doesn’t need fixed on the

same day that my parents sold my skis for me back home.
So, now it looks like I’ll try to have Josh bring me a guitar that I

can use to lead worship through a sound system.

Also, got some more updates today on Kwegslist. It’s moving forward

quite well. Joshua is very excited about it, and I look forward to

seeing progress and helping to get it developed.

Dr. Jay should have been here by now, so I’m bored. I talked to him,

and I knew he was running late, so I’m not worried, just ready for

the team to be here. Originally, they were due to get in around 3pm,

but delays in Port Au Prince pushed that back to more like 6 or


Also, in the world of Craigslist, I am realizing that if shipping

was figured out, I could probably get more useful stuff for down

Many churches are looking for instruments, and they aren’t picky.

I’ve seen trumpets, accordians, saxophones, guitars, keyboards, and

basses all pretty common. And for the guitarists out there, the best

guitar I’ve seen in country is a ESP LTD M-50, which is the lowest

end guitar ESP makes. If anyone has instruments laying around and

not being used, but still playable, I’ve got lots of homes for them.
Also, tools are still a common need, though I’m getting more

specific now. Eventually, I could use a framing nailer, but only if

someone is getting rid of it cheap.
For others, especially once Kwegslist is up, there will be other

things, like MIG welders, that would be very useful. Unfortunately,

that’s one person’s luggage (and probably an overweight baggage fee)

to get it here.
I’m thinking mostly in equipping organizations, mainly because

person to person gifts must be much more relational. I cannot give

tools to every person that asks, so I have to let the individual

organizations make the choices of who gets what, since they are much

more invested in the lives of the individuals.

I might have more thoughts, but I’m gonna post this before rain

ruins my internet signal. 🙂

God Bless.

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