11Nov14 – Workshop Update

I can’t recap all that’s been going on since I’ve last posted, but here’s the update from this week.

Some people had asked me how I would hang the roof trusses after the team from Somerset left.
Well, here’s the crew that’s doing it with me:


I was going to do the work with my typical guys, Gayly (top center), Waly (bottom left), Daniel (bottom right), and Fleury (bottom middle), but it just wasn’t going to cut it. These things are heavy. 🙂
So, I asked Gayly to get some more help, and he came back with Bougy (not sure of the spelling, top left), Anderson (hiding on the far right), and Gayly and Waly’s younger brother (red shirt on the right), whose name I can’t recall at the moment.
I’ve loved working with the extra guys too, and so far, no one has been injured, so that’s all I can ask for as this is a difficult job.

Here’s a picture of how we lift the trusses in place:

Hoisting Trusses

Hoisting Trusses

And here is how far we’ve gotten over the past 2 days.

I’d say that’s pretty good progress. We’ll post more pictures as we go.


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