So, for those of you following on here, I am ending my internet fast now, mostly.

I do want to share what God has been teaching me though (again, mostly).

Honestly, this was a greatly needed time for me, even if it was just a couple days.
I didn’t set out with an end in mind, but God has taught me several lessons and also put

a peace in my mind that now is the time to implement those lessons.

First, is that I must be “All Here”. Jim Elliot had a quote along the lines of “Wherever

you are, be All there”. I was not.
Thankfully, God was persistent in getting my attention, first through subtlety, and

finally through a good friend just calling it out.
This is not to say I was completely distracted, or that I was not doing good things.
Great things were being accomplished, but I found myself spending an inordinate amount of

time online, when there were discussions to be had right in front of my face.
This fits well with what Rick commented on my last post, that there are a lot of dumb

things that waste our time, which are not sinful themselves, but can pull us from a

higher purpost.
I love all of you reading this, but I must focus my attention most on the ministry

opportunities God is providing in my current setting. Now, that being said, it is

possible that I need to minister to someone who is further away, but those opportunities

will arise when there is nothing here that needs accomplished (like right now, when

everyone else is asleep, and I feel God has laid this on my heart to share).
Now I know this point that needs addressed, so I will attempt to improve my time

management and focus. One active step will be that I will stop following sports

obsessively. Now, I do have one request. If someone could please let me know if something

interesting ACTUALLY happens, it’d be nice, and I’ll read an article. If the Penguins

ACTUALLY trade Jordan Staal, that is newsworthy, but I should not be wasting my time on

reading about possible trade destinations, et al.

Second, he’s got plenty for me to do here, so I’m here for a while. There are people that

need me, and there are people I need. Haiti is my closest thing to Home now. I still live

with the feeling that I am not Home yet, but this is where I belong in this time.

Ok, now on practical notes:
(1) Greg, who runs Tina’s boys’ home (orphan care facility), now has solar power thanks

to the donation from Dr. Clayton. Yesterday I was able to help get that system installed.
(2) HAF-Jacmel now has some partial solar power. They had solar panels that are supposed

to run a water pump, which is currently broken. So, I retasked the panels for now to help

supply power to the Mulligan’s House.
(3) While I haven’t found a place to put my containers, and therefore, store my stuff

yet. It worked out well today, as Gayly needed to borrow my stick welder, and HAF-Jacmel

is using my table saw, both of which would have beenin storage. 🙂
(4) Throughout this fast, God has presented me with great opportunities to share the

faith He has put in my heart with other people that are around.
(5) I’m buying a moto.

Help Wanted:
(6) More work is coming up. I could probably use some professional electrical help in the

near future if you know any electrician’s looking to make a trip. We would work side by

side with haitians, using the time to train them in best practices.
(7) I’m thinking about righting up a business plan to get backers for the idea of

Financing solar installations. If someone is more interested in helping out, please let

me know. This could potentially include starting a 501(c)3 that is affiliated with F1,

but seperate.

Supplies Needed:
-Auto-Darkening Welding Masks (anythign but the cheapest mask at Harbor Freight. Even the

blue flames one works better than the cheap one. The flames one is what Gayly is using,

and it’s fine, but the cheaper one fell apart on me)
-Standard Computer Fans (120mm I believe) with a 3-pin connector (+, Gnd, and Tach,

though I’m not sure of the pin order, probably whatever is standard)
-Guitar Strings (Elixir, Light Acoustic (.012))
-Guitar Picks (Orange (light), prefer Everly Star, but anything is fine)

-Jamie, strength and direction
-Nick and Gwenn, peace, strength
-All Long Term Missionaries – Strength through “short term missions” season
-Me, traveling safety as I’m heading up north this week
-Me, that this solar panel order would finally get the shipping worked out
-Me, land to put the house/workshop on

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