F1 Engineering owns a truck.
Granted, it’s in Alabama, but that’s a small detail. 🙂
Looks like the best plan will be to get the truck from Bama to

Johnstown, PA.
In J-town, it’ll be checked out by a mechanic, and packed for the

trip to Haiti.
I’ll be home in April, and will finish packing it, then drive it

to Miami to pick up some more stuff at Sun Electronics.
Then I’ll put it on a boat before I fly back to Haiti at the end

of April.


Also, in a crazy story from today, I met a girl that went to APEX

at the same time I did. Tamara Steck knows Rob Turner, Phil and

Jason Wing, the Auclair family, and a bunch of other people we

both knew from church. Honestly, decent chance I ever met her

sometime since we were both pretty active working with the

leadership there. 🙂

Small world, Big God.

P.S. Link to a pic of the truck coming…

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