Sitting at JFK. Ready to leave.
Hoping to find Nadair and Jerome Jeff waiting for me at PAP airport.
Confident that at least one of them will be there, so that’s comforting.
The cost of internet access in the airport is ridiculous, but I had to check for emails from these guys.
Another thought. Flying on Friday seems to be a haitian dominated flight from JFK to PAP, as opposed to the flight for the May trip, which was about 1/2 americans. Makes sense I guess that most short-term missions personnel would not be leaving 9am on a friday.
Will be getting a Digicel phone once I get in country. Excited about that.
Also will try to go to the store that sells the batteries I’ve been using. It’ll be nice to see what is available for solar power supplies in PAP.

Special thanks to Kerry and Kelly Hand for putting up with me last night, and for Keith (I think, i forgot his name already) that have me a ride to JFK this morning. Good guy, youth pastor from the area here. Nyack College grad.

Have that feeling of peace that only God can provide again. Glad to finally be set into traveling mode. All the stress is gone, now it’s just time to do what needs done.

Reminder to Rullo, send me a list of materials to price for you.

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