Happy Pi Day!

Today is my last day at the Cyvadier Children’s Village of the Hands and Feet Project. It’s been a good month here, with lots of work getting done. I would list it all, but it would get rather tedious.
Suffice it to say that we rewired all the main service panels in the house, added 4 more subpanels, upgraded and/or added homerun wires to each building, installed another inverter, and ran the conduit for a new generator.
Plus, with our plumber hats on, we were installing 3 commercial washers and driers, a pressure tank and pump to run them, fixed the sewage and grey water lines that were leaking, and fixed a leaking toilet and shower.
Then, as a welder, I put together a solar panel rack, and a battery rack. Both of which will have to wait to complete the installation until I can get the last few parts in from the states. So, there will be some solar power here starting in a couple weeks.

And, most importantly, we had a great month working with the kids and staff here. The kids are awesome and it was great to build a good relationship with them.

Now, I move on.
Tonight we will sleep in the Hands and Feet Port au Prince house.
Tomorrow Tim will fly out, then I will head to Grand Goave for the remainder of the week.
Mission of Hope has some solar panels that need installed, so I will head out that way.
Then, Josh, Sean, and Ian will be heading down here to help me install a solar system for Madam Bonite. Bonite is a Haitian/American doing an amazing job of ministry here on her own, using mainly her personal retirement funds. She feeds 275 kids daily, and sponsors 54 to go to school.
This will be a great opportunity to help her with her power needs.

Probably, we will get done with some time to spare, so if we do, we will return to the Hands and Feet campus in Jacmel (Cyvadier) to finish the solar installation here as well.

Then I will head to Les Cayes with Dr. Jay and MIA to start April, returning home to the states at the same time as them.

It’s a busy schedule, but things are going very well. I am looking forward to continuing this work, especially with a vehicle down here, after my break at home. However, I am looking forward to that break even more, it will be great to be with everyone again.

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