**Edit: Kind of an incomplete post. Sorry, I got distracted**

It’s well past time that I get back on this blog.
Sorry to any of you that have been waiting for updates, I’ve just been running around a bit like a chicken with my head cut off 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post, I now have a wedding to get ready for.
I’ll be getting married on Jan 4th in Kampala, Uganda.
I’m am excited beyond words, as God has granted me the best partner I could ever ask for, and even more. Jamie has incredible faith (as evidenced by the fact that she will agree to marry me, and to move to Haiti with me afterwards despite never being here before.), and I knew that before heading to Africa. But she’s also beautiful, a fantastic musician and photographer, and has a servants heart beyond what I could have imagined prior to spending a month with her and her family in Uganda and Kenya.

What the means now, is that I have under 2 months to get ready for her to get to Haiti. So, I am back in Haiti now.
I still have plenty of jobs to do immediately, including at least 2 inverter installations, but will also now be looking for rent a house and get it set up.

I have postponed my plans to build a house, but likely only temporarily. First, it is due to time constraints, that I would have to drop all other work to even attempt to have something livable within the next 2 months. However, the bigger reason is also that I want Jamie to be a part of the decision process on purchasing land and building, so we can start this journey off right.
So, for now, I will rent a house for us. Please be praying for the right place to come available to balance needs, finances, and security.

In the meantime, I was very excited to be back at church on the beach last night. This community is awesome, and I missed them very much. Tomorrow marks the reunion as it were, when Sarah and Craig get back. So next weekend we will take communion as a church. 🙂

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