Daily Double!

For this daily double, I simply have to add an update.
It’s amazing how much better a day is when things get accomplished.
One, the fridge got delivered. So, that finalizes things with Valerio Canez, S.A. We returned the extra freezer for store credit, got our fridge, and got our new breaker box, safety switch, Generator Cable, and Battery Cables with the credit. Plus, the guy comp’d us delivery. Conclusion, some service reps are good to work with. Their bosses can make life a pain though.
Two, got the car in functional order. Both headlights work, was a wire problem, not a light problem. Traded some anchor screws with Child Hope for the crimp-on connector I needed to finish the job.
The mirror is fixed haitian-style. It is duct-taped in place. Might fix it for real in the future, but wasn’t too worried about it. If anyone wants to price out a passenger side mirror for a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero to bring in with them, it could work out. It was a “powered” mirror that didn’t work anymore, all I need is a mirror that fits the mount points, I just don’t feel like putting in the half-day required to find the part cause I have other projects to tend to.

Also, any advice on how to un-stop a shower drain for a septic system. Feel like finding some Drano might be hard, and not sure if I should use that with a septic tank anyhow.

Looking forward to tomorrow to meet up with Pastor Lex and Maggie tomorrow. Should be fun times. Also, talked to Amoce today and will be in Cayes on Monday, heading out to Savanette. He’s gonna email me phone numbers for Smiley and Jude. Still need to get ahold of them and Smith to let them know I’ll be in town. Plus, I’ll just have to talk to Amoce to find Pizo, probably doesn’t have a cell phone. 😛
He’ll probably show up when I get there without us telling him anyhow. lol.

God Bless.

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