So, I’m on my way to Alaska right now, and by right now, I mean, I’m somewhere above Canada in a plane. 🙂
I’m pretty excited. Every time I see snow-capped mountains out the window I get a smile on my face.

However, I’m writing this as more of a reflection on the current state of things with F1 Engineering.
I can’t help but notice that I have just been overwhelmed lately. I feel terrible when I can’t keep up with all the projects, but there is just so much work to do.

I especially feel bad about the people that I have difficulty keeping in contact with, such as Isaac, and Scott. I really do want to work with more and more people in Haiti, but as of right now, I struggle to find the time to keep up with email along with everything else.
This being said, if you are someone who has been in contact with me, and I am slow with responses, or seem to have forgotten, please try again. I am not ignoring you, I probably lost your email or voicemail in the shuffle.

On a seperate note, though kind of tied together, I was also reminded of my need to rely on God for everything on Sunday.
Josh was speaking at Crucified, and the message had to do with us missing Jesus because of all the distractions, some good, some bad.
There was a reference to our need to avoid material possesions and money as our distractions, but I also realized that in my life I need to pay attention to focusing on Him.
Sometimes it can be as simple as wanting a new camera, wanting a certain tool, or maybe even a girlfriend. But, I must continue to rely on Him for all of this. If it is needed, it will be provided.

And finally, as a remembrance, today marked the 5 year anniversary of my friend Jonathan Taylor’s heart attack. He is my great friend and tutor from college, with whom I planned to go to the Dominican Republic to work with solar power after graduation. His nickname, F1, is the inspiration for F1 Engineering, he was our help key, and now I hope F1 Engineering will be the source of help to third world ministries worldwide.
JT had a heart attack and suffered major brain damage. He is still bedridden at his families house near Philadelphia. Please pray for him, for them, and for all of his friends today.

So I leave you with these thoughts, and the following lyrics from the band Red Letter, and their song “My God, My Father”

My God, My Father while I stray
Along life’s rough and narrow way
O teach me from my heart to say
Thy will be done

Though dark my path and sad my lot
Let me be still and murmur not
but breathe the prayer divinely taught
“Thy will be done”

But if my fainting heart be blessed
With the Holy Spirit for its guest,
My God! to Thee I leave the rest–
Thy will be done!

If Thou should call me to resign
what most I prize never was mine
I only yield thee what is Thine
Thy will be done

Renew my will from day to day
Blend it with thine and take away
All that now make it hard to say
Thy will
be done

And when on earth I breathe no more
The prayer oft mixed with tears before
I’ll sing upon that joyful shore
“Thy will be done”

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