Got word from Smiley and Jude that they made it back to Cayes safely. Nice to know that they decided to check in when they got back.

Also got my suitcase from Rick Jacoby yesterday. Gotta say, it was amazing. I was excited to get the tools that I knew were coming, but it was even better to get the cards and notes from all of you that sent them. I really appreciate all your prayers, and they will definitely help sustain me this week while I am at the house with just Yves and I.

Speaking of Yves, he asked me to do him a favor today. He wants to stop at the hospital to minister to patients there. I am pretty excited about this. He even went to Child Hope to copy a scripture to give to people, from Psalms, and stopped at the market and spent his own money (he got paid yesterday) to get water for the patients as well.

I also got the wires cleaned up yesterday, and bunched and secured to the wall. I did not install conduit as I feel the wires are plenty secure in their current location and will be less likely to overheat if in open air.

The wires for the A/c units are run as far as I can get without a taller ladder. The HVAC guys will have a ladder when they come back so I will finish the install then.

Thanks again for prayers and notes of encouragement.

God Bless.

P.S. To mom-mom, I do not have an address down here sadly. However, Josh will be coming down next week, so if you mail something to Johnstown, I’m sure he could deliver it to me.
218 Maple Ave, Johnstown, PA 15901 is Josh and I’s house back there.

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