Now I’m in Jacmel with Tim.
Pretty happy to be back here. This feels more like a permanent place to work for a while.
There’s certainly quite a bit of electrical work to do around here, so I’m guessing we’ll be here for a while. No problem with that.
I also got my stuff from home and was pretty excited. Cards are always appreciated, especially the glittered christmas card 🙂
I did realize one other thing I need down here, and that is more socks. Apparently sock gremlins exist in Haiti as well.

I also started working out with the staff here in Jacmel today. It was a rough workout, but I need it to get back in shape.

Bob will be coming down to Jacmel today, and maybe Drex as well. Drex wants to pick up one of the generators that was just donated to us. It will be good to see both of them.

I also want to get ahold of a copy of “radical” by David Platt. It’s been on my list of things to read for a while, but have never gotten to it. I might find a digital copy and just read it from my computer though.
Anyone know if there’s a good app for my iphone to download books to?

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