No word on the truck yet.
Also, I left my phone at the job site today. Oops.

Had a great day though. Worked with Delvar, Judelyn, and Junior installing wiring in the boys house at HAF-Grand Goave today. Got everything finished inside the house.
Judelyn and Junior have me excited. They are hard workers and very excited to learn more. They want to suck up anything I can teach them, english, electrical, plumbing, whatever.
It is working with guys like that when I really see a difference being made.

Getting a good setup going in Grand Goave now with Hands and Feet.
The boys house just need screens and plywood walls. The girls house has morning’s worth of wiring then will be caught up with the boys.
Tomorrow, the foundations will be finished on the Sutton’s house and the floor will be poured in the bathhouse.

By the way, while I am looking forward to being home this week, I do not have any idea how long it will be for.
Most likely, it will be about 3 weeks. I have a lot of work to do down here that is getting urgent as it has been waiting for my truck’s arrival.

Please let me know if there are any places that will be available for me to share about what God is doing down here while I am home.

God Bless.

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