Tonight, you get the thoughts running through my mind as I prepare to sleep again.

I’m approaching one week of being back in Haiti.

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve still got some of the same struggles I was asking for prayer for last time I was here.
Sure, I’ve got more peace in quite a few parts of life. I’ve got an amazing, loving, faithful fiancee, and I take strength in that knowledge. Each day includes a prayer of thanks to God above for the blessing she has already been on my life, and for what He will allow for us together here.
But, she is the solution to all of lifes problems.

I’m still struggling with the day to day at times here.
Haiti is hard. Things take longer than they should.
I’ve had mostly the same to-do list all this week. The post-it hasn’t changed much since Monday.
-Fix Broken Mirror on Truck (finally mostly done today)
-Fix brakes on truck
-I can’t leave Jacmel until this happens, cause I can’t go over the mountain. Here’s to hoping I can get this done soon-ish.
-Buy a Natcom SIM Card.
– This should be simple, except it’s Haiti. Gayly and I have each gone to the store on seperate days, and both of us came back empty handed.
-Order solar panels and high-efficiency freezer.
– This one is probably my own fault. I have too many option and things running through my head. Thankfully I have at least found a good source, and know that I have a friend in Florida to help me.
-Look for housing
– Are real estate listing that hard to come up with? Here, I guess so. Everything is word of mouth, so Gayly and I kinda drive around looking for someone with a place to rent, then tour it.

Anyhow, things are moving forward, just not as fast as I would like.
I hate the feeling of knowing that other people are waiting on me. Tiffany is waiting for the solar panel order to get through. Jenny is waiting for help in Grand Goave. I haven’t gotten to see what’s going on with MIA and Smiley and them out in Les Cayes in a while.
Yet, every day I can get caught up in small things that just take way too long here in Jacmel.
And, I waste time cause it feels like I can’t get anything done.

So, please pray for me as I try to move forward, and that I wouldn’t get too frustrated even when things don’t go how I planned.

In positive news, things are good here too.
Church on the Beach was great on Sunday night, and now it’s gotten better cause Sarah and Craig are back too.
Next week will be communion since everyone is back for now. After all our worldwide “furloughs” and travel and all, the gang is back together.
Finding a new supplier, and hearing from Ross in Florida are huge steps towards having a more consistent supply of solar panels. And, through a new friend and this new supplier, I may even be able to start building some prototype solar panels in country here. If that works out, maybe the factory idea could even be restarted. That would be awesome.
For housing, while it’s frustrating, I have found a couple places that would work well. It just gets hard to spend things on “renting” when I want to build, but I know that this is the best direction to go for the moment, and the building will come in it’s own time.

Sorry if I seem a little scattered tonight. I am.
It’s kind of a similar feeling to the last time I came down. I’m “home”, but I’m not home. I’ll never be home this side of heaven. So, please keep me in your prayers that I can still be content, and be “all here” through this time. For once, things seem backwards. Usually I go back to the U.S. and find it hard when people don’t want to hear what’s been going on in Haiti, and not it’s backwards. Now, my exciting news came from while I was gone, but life keeps moving forward here too.

So, that’s what’s on my mind right now. Usually I try to put some sort of learning point for those of you reading the blog, but I don’t have one tonight. This is what I am, and where God has brought me. I will praise Him for each day He’s given me, pressing on towards the prize, but knowing, as an athlete, that perseverence is the key to finishing strong the journey before us.

God Bless.

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