Almost 3 months without an update. I’m sorry.
I’ll be honest, when I start getting behind on updates, it makes it even harder for me to write, because I don’t even know where to start.

Additionally, I’ve had trouble with updates because I was feeling like I was failing in many ways.

Here we are, 10 months in to renting a piece of land, and I still don’t have a shop up and running. In a way, it makes me sad, and in a way, it makes me feel like a failure.

But, this week, I was reminded of this truth.
God isn’t interested in our “to do” list.
The shop will open in His timing.
We will get a second container in His timing.

We are simply called to live out our lives in a way that He directs us.
So, my time hasn’t been focused on the shop, but, in hindsight, we have been able to accomplish things that were more important.

These days, we have started a men’s small group with some of the other guys from Church on the Beach, which is much needed. The ladies have been getting together for quite some time, but the guys never got our schedules worked out. Now, thursday evening are our night to gather and lift each other up. Like most of church on the beach, it is
intentionally lacking in structure, with our primary goals being (a) fellowship, (b) some study of scripture, and (c) coming together in prayer.

Also, I’ve been able to help design some better metal structures than before.
I had the chance to install some solar panels in conjunction with Sonlight Power Ministries, but my first set of racks were inadequate. Now, I’ve learned a bit more about wind lift, and the strength of the metals we are working with here, and I will be able to build racks that are up to the required strength.

Additionally, I have been working with Jason from Re-imagine Haiti again. This time, we are designing cribs for their malnurition clinic.
Obviously, welders can build cribs pretty easily, but I have been working with Gayly to get the cribs built within the Federarl Safety Guidelines established in the U.S., and built in such a way that they can be transported by boat and assembled in Belle Anse.

I actually even ordered some basic powder-coating materials, and we will try to use that on the cribs as a better alternative than the typical anti-corrosive primer.

So, we’re actually getting some of the work done that the shop will be used for before we even get the shop setup.

-both of our trucks have legal paperwork now. it took several trips to Port au Prince, and much more money than antipated, but we are legal now. Additionally, our new truck’s license plate is from the “Nippes” province, which made me excited cause I think of it as my own “vanity plate” 🙂

-God brought Jason and Erika from Reimagine through a near-fatal instance of mercury poisoning. Jason was in terrible condition, and only turned a corner after Erika grabbed his arm and started praying for him. The doctor is still unsure what cause the turnaround when it happened, but I am sure I know.

-we have some awesome new friends here in Frank and Jan Steven, a new set of missionaries in Jacmel with the Hands and Feet Project.

Please keep us in prayer for:
-a 2nd container, or the peace to know that we should begin roof construction without it.
-planning for our October trips with a team from Somerset first, then my parents coming afterwards.
-the Holy Spirit to pour out his annointing on us continually, that we may live fully inHis power, doing His will, that the Father would be glorified.

Thank you for your prayers.

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