So, today has been interesting. It’s a good introduction to Haiti for Tim.

We started with a trip to the hardware store, which is quite an experience in it’s own right. We got most of what we needed, and then life got more interesting. 🙂

On the way back to the compound, with Otis, our longest tenured Haitian at Hands and Feet, driving, we ran into a road block. Apaprently there’s a bunch of “rioting” going on for lack of a better word. So, we turned around and got lunch at a restaurant, where we met up with another car from H&F, including Diane and Emi Pierce, Cameron, and Kerby and Sabrina, two of our kids. Then, we tried again, took a back road around the first road block, and found more up the road.
We were never in danger, but we ended up sitting along the side of the road for about 3 hours. On the bright side, I found a little store, so we were able to find some cold drinks while we were waiting. Then we gave up, left the cars with Otis and walked back to the compound.
So, now we’re back at the house, and we’ve got some guests here that were kept from getting to their compounds because of the road blocks.
Welcome to Haiti!

Again, I make the disclaimer. We’re safe, they’re just making it so cars can’t pass. 🙂

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