8 Feb 14 and 18Feb14 – Container and Truck Updates

**Daily Double**
Today, Jamie reminded me of a post from 10 days ago, which I wrote in Haiti after a not so great afternoon.
We felt it was important to share that, as well as the news of what is going on now.
So, First, here is the post from 8Feb14.
I’ve had a busy couple of days. Sadly, the container is not on the land yet.
So, what have I accomplished. A lot of busy-ness and a lot a waiting.
Sadly, I reflect on that tonight and am depressed to consider the eternal value of it all.

In light of eternity, my biggest accomplishments of the past 2 days is the time I spent lifting up 3 other missionaries in prayer.
This was the true work that I must focus on.
Unfortunately, the combined time I spent on these tasks of eternal purpose was probably under half an hour.

I write these words as a reminder to self.
I must stop living simply for the business of today, and life more each day with a sense of the eternal.
The things of this earth will perish, only the things of God hold any true value.

Pray for my friends here in Jacmel.
Pray for Jamie.
Pray for me.
Pray that we would stand in His Presence daily, and know Him more intimately.
Pray that we would see his eternal desires, and act on those and not on trivial things that will pass all too soon.
Pray that we would be a light, reflecting Him, through which He would be made known to people who do not know Him.


As I wrote that post, I was still sad that we didn’t get a container on the land prior to our departure from Haiti.
However, looking back on how God has been faithful to work things out in HIS timing so far, we remain hopeful, knowing that He is the one setting the dates and times for this project as well. He will provide the container(s) we need, if we need them, and when we need them, or He will show us another direction to go.

Now, for the U.S. side of things, I have to say, it has been quite a busy trip so far, but it has been good.

This past weekend, I was allowed the chance to share a missions update at all 4 services, and 1 sunday school class at Emmanuel Baptist Church, then I got to help lead worship at Crucified in the evening.
It was amazing to stand on stage and talk about all the prayers that God has answered, as well as the difficulties that have come our way, in the past year or so.
I’ll try to update the rest of you with that message in the next couple days.

For now, I’m excited to say that I’ll be at Beulah U.M. church and Liberty Grace Brethren Church next Sunday morning. Then, I’ll be sharing a message at Crucified ministries Sunday night.
The following week, I’ve been given a chance to speak at Franklin St. U.M., and at a sunday school class at EBC again. It’s great to get a chance to share what God has been doing in our lives, and around Haiti.

Now, for another update and praise.
Tools have been flowing in for the truck. I have broken habit and actually posted a wish list due to an overwhelming response from the EBC congregation. I don’t like to solicit donations, so I don’t usually post the needs here, however, I needed a way to organize things a bit, so there is a link on the top of this page for now, and it will go away once we get this truck packed up.

I’m also pumped to show you guys a picture of the back of the truck so far. God has provided professionals to get this thing decked out through JJ Truck Bodies in Somerset. I was going to do it myself, and I couldn’t be happier to turn this over to people better skilled than myself.
They’ve put a roof on, and enclosed the sides. In the next few days they will mount a lockbox in the back and put 2 doors across the tailgate for me. I am beyond words to describe how awesome this is.

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