It’s been a great week here in Grand Goave.
Mostly on a networking level. I made great friends with more people from University of Akron, and deepened my relationship with many of the orphans in Grand Goave.

On a work note, I got to install a better charge controller and make better sense of the wiring at the guest house for Mission of Hope. Now there are DC powered lights in both the short term dorm rooms and bathrooms, and the bathhouse. This does mean that any trips in the future, 12V DC light bulbs would be nice to send down since they are harder to find here in Haiti.
I also got to work at the school a bit. Now the EDH (grid power) is used to charge the batteries, and I got to install 4 more solar panels to get MOH back up to 10 panels. The early report was that they were down to 4 panels, but it seems that the thiefs didn’t want the broken panels, even though they still seem to produce for us. So, we had 6 left, and I added 4 to get to 10.
Unfortunately, since the solar system had not been functioning correctly, it is not wired into the system to power the church, so tonight there was power in the depot, but church had no power for the prayer service. I’ll fix that tomorrow.
Part of my hesitancy was always that I didn’t think the inverter could handle the church power, but I think it will be ok. Power Amps are just very hard to judge how much they will actually draw.
I also have to take out the 2 circuit breakers I had on the battery lines, cause apparently the batteries charge at a very high rate and trip the breakers. I need to do some research on that to solve the problem tomorrow.

I still have not found the batteries I need for the installation in Jacmel next week. I may have to stick with a Trojan Battery, but hope to at least upgrade to one designed for renewable energy instead of golf carts.

This week has really been a blessing to me with all the discussions and thoughts on God that I have gotten to share with the team here. Some of the coolest thoughts dealt with the way church, in Haiti, goes on even through power outages, never missing a beat. As we know that in the States, a power outage at church would cause a major uproar and the service would be cancelled, but here it is just a part of life.

After all, what is the point of worship? Is it about us, or our comfort? Or is it about a Sovereign God? Can we worship in a dirty building? How about a pavilion with a tin roof? Maybe without power, no fans, 90 degree weather? Why not? I’ve had church in 50 degree weather and handing out blankets.
Church is not about the comfort and/or entertainment of the community, but about the community coming together to worship our amazing God.

I also learned this week an important Kreyol lesson. The phrase “si Bondye vle” is attached to just about all “see you…” sayings.
Na we pita si Bondye vle (see you later, if God wills)
Na we anko si Bondye vle (see you again, if God wills)
Na we demen si Bondye vle (see you tomorrow, if God wills)

It is important to recognize that, especially in Haiti, you’re word is a promise. To say “see you again” means you WILL return. “See you tomorrow” is a promise that you WILL be back tomorrow.
In adding “si Bonye vle”, you are in essence creating an allowance for changes in plans; it is recognizing that God is sovereign and that it is impossible for us to truly plan for our future precisely because we are not in control of it.

Wish List:
(2) 5″ or 6″ #2 phillips screwdriver bits for my drill. Standard short bits do not fit inside an electrical box to attach them to a wall.
-my indoor soccer shoes. My current athletic shoes are dying, and I have no use for indoor shoes back home right now.
-12V DC light bulbs.
-i am actually running low on propel packets, believe it or not. Probably because I shared. An update, though, the actual Propel brand taste much better in my opinion. 🙂 Also, the Arnold Palmer packets are amazing, and ran out way too quickly.

Jehovah-Jireh notice of the week:
-Ben, one of my new friends from Akron, has offered me two locking, Weatherguard boxes for the bed of my new pickup. 🙂

Future planning notice:
-Tuesday, 21Mar, Josh, Sean, and Ian come in to work in Jacmel with me. Pray that I find a vehicle to pick up the solar panels in Les Cayes easily. At worst, I can hire a driver, but I would like to find a cheaper alternative for the lady we are helping.
-1Apr I will be heading with Dr. Jay back to Les Cayes for another trip.
-8Apr, Dr Jay leaves. I will book a flight soon thereafter.

Crazy thought about air travel for the night:
-I actually have to start looking at business class airfare prices…
American Airlines is now charging for a 2nd check bag. However, business class passengers get 3 bags checked for no charge. Might be worth looking into for some of my travels. Crazy, huh?

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