Now, you get new thoughts, at a more reasonable hour.

Today was great, though little progress was made on anything.
My truck is on jack stands, and I am no closer to having it running (well, running it’s fine, the stopping is the current issue).

But, it was a great day.
I got to spend time with Gayly, Craig, and Nick.
I got to crawl under the truck and start figuring things out.
And I got to check out some new housing options.
Mostly, they made me realize that I like the one I had already seen.

Plus, I got some emails back that were encouraging.
I have a good distributor for solar panels, and as soon as I get word whether I can ship 1 or 2 pallets into Haiti, I will order them and get that moving.

Plus, Gayly negotiated with the guy on the house for me.
I hate negotiations, but it’s how things work here.
The guy started with saying the house was $10k/year to rent.
Now it’s $4300 to rent for a year, and he is going to finish the security wall (2 more courses of block, and razor wire), including a finders fee to Gayly that is typically 10%.
Gayly said he’d forward that to me, but we’ll see what I end up doing with it.

I’ll post pictures once I figure out what’s going on, but I think I’m off to a good start now.

If nothing else, last night I just needed to vent a bit, and after I vent and admit my own shortcomings, it gives me a chance to come to the throne with greater humility (oxymoron?).
I know I’m broken, I’m open about my brokeness, and it is the time for Him to lift me up and show me His plans, which are always better than mine.

I am looking forward to stumbling through the next few steps, trying to run more each day.
God is faithful to keep me moving.

Pray that I can continue to minister well wherever I am.
It gets hard sometimes because (1) I want to be with Jamie, (2) I want to finish my work in Grand Goave, which I can’t because my truck is broken, and (3) I like to be free to make my own decisions, and right now I am severely limited.

Also, pray for Gayly. Right now my best comparison for him is a senior at a christian college. All his friends are getting married or in relationships, and his just ended a few months ago, and now is his time to grow personally. He has grown significantly, and he doesn’t say anything about all the relationships, but I want to make sure we keep him built up in prayer so he doesn’t get distracted from his growth with God.

Have a great night. God Bless 🙂

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