So, more excitement from yesterday.
We had a team down here at the Hands and Feet orphanage in Jacmel

for the past week.
Yesterday, they split into two cars to head to Port au Prince, 1

left at 10am, the other would leave around noon. However, the 2nd

car couldn’t get through due to barricades, so they stayed at our

compound until 6am today.
Everyone was safe at our facility, but no cars could pass through

Jacmel. Hopefully they get to their plane on time, but they were

very patient either way. They simply enjoyed their extra time

with the kids, including watching “the princess bride” with them,

and never complained about the situation.

Early this morning the barricades were passable, but they have

been replaced again right now from what our haitian staff have

told us.

Today I’ll be fixing a broken shower, which will likely turn into

an all day project around here. Mainly because of the haitian way

of building. All the water pipes are inside the concrete wall, so

I will have to chip out the wall, including breaking the tiles

over the affected area, in order to reach the pipes. Plus I don’t

think we have the shower control valve needed to replace the

broken one, so it will require a trip to the hardware store, if

that is even possible right now. 🙂
Welcome to Haiti!

We also should get started on some electric work today. Not

positive how far we will get since we were unable to get our two

primary breaker panels yesterday, but we’ll start with the

materials we’ve got.

In other news, I think I’m going to attend a “disaster relief

training” in late Paril while I am home. It is run by “Mission to

the World” and is in Pittsburgh. If anyone else is interested,

look pu their website, or look at the link off my facebook. The

cost is about $600, but this is a very good training program. MTW

has responded to major disasters worldwide for many years, and

will have a wealth of knowledge to share.

God Bless.

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