Sometimes I laugh at how well God has laid things out.
Especially in times like today, where I didn’t understand the process, but upon arrival, clearly see His hand brought me to this time, and this place.

Tonight, I’m back in Grand Goave.
I’ve made references before to this place, Kay Militon, the beach-front guest house for Mission of Hope International.
I’ve talked about this place being my “place of rest,” but truthfully, it is more than just rest. This has been my place of communion with God.

And mostly, when I made those comments, it was because I was here alone, or just about as close as I ever get to it.

I have complained about the terrible coverage from Digicel (phone) and Natcom (internet) out here many times.
But tonight, I realize why I’m here.

In this time, with Paul Fallon leaving early tomorrow morning, making it just me, the haitian staff, and gama’s family. I’l talk to them a bit, but overall, that means I’m here with a lot of time to myself again.

Time to reflect…Time to look forward…but mostly, time to spend with God.

It’s also a time for me to write. It’s been a while, and part of it is that I’ve been busy.
My mind has been racing recently, wanting to get everything done as quickly as possible.
On the bright side, some stuff is progressing nicely.
I finally got a pallet of solar panels ordered, and Lord willing, maybe I’ll even see them get here by the end of the month, and I even got to include a new charge controller for Sister Bonite’s house the next time I get to visit her.
I finally got my truck fixed, even if it meant replacing a brake line (new experience for me) in the middle of a hurricane (Thanks, Sandy). lol.
I finally am going to install an inverter setup for Jenny Jenkins in Grand Goave, so she has power without running her generator all the time.
And, I’ve got a house, and I’m moving into it. Sorry to be slow to update you in the blog, I honestly forgot as I posted pictures on facebook. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house, unfurnished, and it will be great for Jamie and I.
We’ve already been promised 2 queen size beds, and I’ve started collecting some other household goods too.
And, I’ve been contacted by some other missionaries needing help, who feel I’m an answer to prayer. Honestly, that is just a place where I am asking for your prayers now too. These missionaries, the Kelley’s, have only solar power and a generator, and it has not been functioning properly for a while now. They haven’t had any luck getting it repaired, so they’ve had only generator for about 2 hours a day. Then, they found my contact information.
Pray that I will be able to help them. I’m going out to work on their system next week.
Also pray for me as I travel, that I may get where God needs me to be. It will be about 7.5 hours driving from Jacmel to Les Angleis. I could save some drive time if I didn’t go back to church on Sunday, but I feel it is important to get back there too.

Additionally, I found out that Dr. Jay is coming in next week. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to work with him, and it is on the way back from Les Angleis, so I am looking forward to stopping and working with him again.

Anyhow. There is a breif update for all of you, that will post when the internet decides to work again.
But now, I will take some time with God, that is overdue.
Don’t ever forget in your own lives how important spending time with Him is. Find a place where you can be free from distractions, and focus on the fact that He wants to spend time with you.

God Bless. 🙂

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