Mixed blessings today.
Finally got the first toilet installed in the master bathroom. Also have the wiring in place and working for everything but the A/C Units that are not yet installed either.
Might put the wiring in conduit later, but had to make sure everything was working first, and have to make a decision about total costs and whether i can use EMT or PVC conduit.
Then, I tried to install the sink in the downstairs kitchen, only to find that the cabinets and counter top are pretty much destroyed by water damage.
be a fun repair job to basically build new supports inside them, or just replace them, but since this place is a “rental” we don’t want to invest too much in it. i’ll let bob make the call about replacements later, i’ll just try to make it work for now.

Smiley and Jude will leave Monday, then I will have the girls from Gr. Goave up for a visit next weekend. Then get to have Josh, Rullo, and maybe Sean down later too. Looking forward to it.
Also, got word that Rick Jacoby, from Emmanuel, is heading down to PAP with Mission Discovery on 4Oct10 and can carry one 50-lb checked bag for me to pick up at the airport.
I will have my parents pack it, but if you want to send anything, get it to them quickly.

God Bless,

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