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ECHO Conference – Wed Morn

Having a great week at the ECHO Agricultural Technology conference in Ft. Myers, FL.
Already made some good contacts, especially in regard to water chlorination and new building construction techniques.
Also got word back from some smart people that want to help us out with the factory plans. Have a PhD student, who already has multiple degrees and international design and production experience.
So, in short, I feel like I’ve moved forward in the processes of:
-getting clean water at the Port-Au-Prince house from my Oct trip
-coming up with a cost-efficient, energy-efficient building method for the H&F orphanage in Gr. Goave
-Moving forward towards building an inverter factory in Les Cayes
-Building a guest house and potentially a school in Les Cayes

God Bless

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Update #1 –
Teresa Ashley, my friend from D.C., had heart surgery today. She is recovering well after they fixed the anureysm on her aorta. I’ll be in D.C. all this week at the Kennedy residence so I can stop in and keep her company. If you’re in D.C. area, please call me and we’ll hang out this week.
Update #2:
I may not be going back to Haiti til January due to an overloaded schedule. Just realized that I needed to slow down and do things right rather than rushing into everything and getting burnt out and not finishing jobs correctly.

God Bless

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Future plans

Had a good meeting with bob and mark. Will be figuring more out later, but found more projects to work on.
I’ll be spending a lot of time with the hands and feet project next year at their locations in jacmel and delmas.
I also got some new gear to help me on my way, including my new netbook that I ordered last night and the iPhone 3G that I’m typing this from.
I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to process right now but I’ll try to work on more updates as I figure things out.
God bless.

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I’m Still Alive :)

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.
I was without internet for the past week as I did not want to intrude on Child Hope with our crew of 6 team members now.
Finally today I got internet service from Access Haiti, so I am back to being in touch.

So much has happened this past week, I am very excited.
After the road trip on Monday with Maggie and Tiff, I just got back and got ready to more company.
It was such a blessing to see Josh, Sean, and Rullo show up at the airport. Three of the guys I am absolutely closest to back home. Josh and Sean were with me when we first thought about coming to Haiti, the day after the quake, and they were the ones who were getting annoyed when I was still talking about Haiti weeks later while still not having any connections. 🙂 I’m glad they got to make it here to experience this.
Granted, we just defined a completely new experience for short-term missions work.
As Bob called us, this was the missionary frat house this week. Jude traveled up from Cayes to work with us, so we ended up with 6 20-something guys in the house all week. Tools, clothes, and stuff is everywhere, but we will clean up before it’s time to head out. 🙂

On the work front:
We built beds for 8 short-term missionaries and 15 kids. Plus, we finished the bathroom door, cleared some brush from the yard, wired up power to the rest of the house, and…
we got a goat!
definitely one of the most awesome things from the week was when I mentioned to Bob Herdman that we should get a goat to clear the vacant lot next to us to be usable, and he decided that it was a good idea. 🙂
an epic 4 hour journey for Yves, Tyler, and Sean, and $40 U.S. later and we had a goat. Then we lowered it over the property wall in a sheet, and now Peanut is wandering around in her own tropical paradise, eating whatever she wants, and we lower down a bucket of water everyday to make sure she’s doing ok.

In other news, we’ve just had a great week working here. We’ve gotten a great perspective about what is going on here, and throughout the country as we took a road trip to return tools to Cayes.
Some of the highlights from that portion were meeting Jude’s family in Cayes and passing out the clothes that Real Skateboards and Spitfire Wheels sent down for kids, and hanging out in grand goave with maggie, tiff, and the beach crew (marie-yves, felix, carol, et al).

Also, Bob spent a couple days with us here, and that was sweet. Heard some great stories about his days with the band, with Flicker Records, and other stuff he’s been up to in his life, plus got to talk a bit about future plans for H&F in haiti and realizing where I may fit. I’ll have a meeting next Monday in Tennesee with Mark Stuart and Bob about some ideas for the future and all, so please keep that in your prayers.

Thanks for keeping up with the adventures down here.
I’ll be heading stateside Wednesday, and probably staying in D.C. that night, then home on Thursday.
This weekend I would like to head to Franklin, NC for church on Sunday, then to Tennesee to meet with Mark and Bob on Monday. Then I’ll be home for Halloween and more exciting things with Crucified.

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we took an epic road trip today. Me, Yves, Maggie, and Tiff went up into the mountains south of PAP, then out to Gr. Goave and back to drop them off.
Tomorrow morning Josh, Sean, and Rullo get here. Can’t wait.
Won’t be posting much probably, but i’ll do what I can.
God Bless.

P.S. Got an awesome email tonight from Teresa down in D.C. Looks like I could have some help getting things in order to try to raise support. she’s got some good ideas and is already rounding up more help for me too. w00t!

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for pop-pop, “stoked” is just another word for excited.

so, today was sweet. i’m down in Jacmel, drove down here yesterday with Yves. It was a beautiful drive over the mountains, but the clutch was acting up in the truck the further I traveled.
So, last night and this morning, Larry showed me how to swap out the slave cylinder, which was the problem, and flushed the lines for the clutch.
Hopefully all is well now, otherwise the master cylinder needs replaced too.
All in all, good learning experience and only a $10 repair bill.

Then today I got to be the videographer as Michelle (one of the directors down here) went to pick up their newest child, Mackenson. Mackenson was born shortly before the quake, and was found to be HIV+, so his mother refused treatment and was letting him die. Then Michelle and co. found him, took him to a doctor and started getting him care.
Once he was in a good facility, they re-ran his HIV test and found he was not actually HIV+. His mother still did not want him, so as of today, he is under the care of the Hands and Feet Project here in Jacmel. 🙂
Unfortunately, he also has pneumonia right now, but Dr. Ken Pierce, the newest staff member here is already getting him on meds and will take good care of him.

In another case of “it’s a small world”
The Pierce family were residents of Kauai before moving to Haiti and know some of the people from the Camp Good News I worked at in 2006. Just another case of God laughing as he shows how He has everything in His control.

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Updates on projects:
-bathroom door is now hung. Still needs a handle, but it’s there.
-The toilet to replace the bidet is probably not going to work. Might just take it out. Only problem is, what do I do with a working toilet to keep it from getting broken. I would have to completely break out the concrete floor and re-plumb the stupid thing.
-also decided that if i take down one of the closets in the kids rooms, not only will it give me more space, i can also re-use the closet doors as doors to the master bathroom.
-rain collection has worked well the past 2 days. honestly wondering if it is possible to overfill the cistern?
-plan to get AccessHaiti internet today. seems to be the best option for here. Hainet is unavailable and HughesNet is too expensive.

-will be pricing materials today for next week’s projects. depending on cost, we may build bunk beds out of metal instead of wood. If that is the case, I will put in some requests for tools to the team coming down. 🙂

Been eating at Child Hope again. Yesterday and today. Might extend it to tomorrow as well, unless I travel tomorrow. Might end up going to Jacmel. We’ll see.

Excited to hear about church on Sunday night back at Crucified. Also saw the flyer for the Halloween Bash, and I’m pretty stoked.

In other news, the EBC youth group scored a major win with encouragement for me.
I love that I got so many notes from them even though we are not very close. Hopefully I will get to talk with them when I get back to share what God has been doing down here.
To everyone who wrote notes, thank you very much, they are right next to my bed when I need a little encouragement.

God Bless

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5Oct10- Part 2

Random Thought #1:
-Haitian-Style Arnold Palmer is a win. Thank you, Kim, for the packets of lemonade and iced tea mix. 🙂

Random Thought #2:
-Yves doesn’t know his way around Patien-Ville. It all worked out though.

Random Thought #3:
-Finally picked an internet provider today, except Hainet is out of modem units until January. I can still sign up for a plan if I want, although I would have no way to access it without the modem. Welcome to Haiti!
-To finish that thought, we will likely be using AccessHaiti instead of Hainet or Hughes Net (too expensive for installation). So, maybe I’ll get that working this week.

Got the bathroom door cut to size today. Would’ve hung it, but it was too heavy to mess with myself. Maybe Yves and I will hang it tomorrow. If not, I’ll get it up on Friday cause Maggie and Tiff are coming to visit, so that would be a good things to have.
Also discovered a leak in the plumbing today. Unforunately, I turned off the water at aobut 10am and it’s still leaking at 7pm. So, I’ll have to wait until morning and hope the water has cleared out of the system to try to fix the problem. It will be tough to fix if caulk doesn’t work, hopefully the easy fix will work though.
Lines are run for the A/C units, just waiting on a ladder. The install crew is coming on Saturday, maybe?

Tried to go to the hospital with Yves today. Sadly, we got there after visiting hours. We will try again another day.

Also, waited til now to mention it to keep mom from worrying, but have been fasting the past two days. Incredible experience. Highly recommend it to anyone reading.
The whole goal was to expand my faith in God as provider and sustainer for my life. Therefore, I was replacing eating with prayer, do not forget that if you decide to fast. It is not simply skipping meals, it is about growing closer to God and trusting Him to sustain you. I honestly didn’t want to mention it, but God has been teaching me a lot, so I figured I would share with you guys.
Please consider fasting sometime yourself as well. It is a great time of growth.
One of the biggest things I learned in this time is that I need to pay more attention to people around here. I can be too task oriented and fixed on the list I have to accomplish, but doing can keep me from showing God’s love and compassion to people at times, like going to the hospital with Yves. It was great timing from God to give me some ideas in my dreams that I need to focus more on people, then Yves asked about going to the hospital in the morning. Sweet to think about that.
Also, have been reading through Ezekiel. Don’t know why, just started that one. God was pretty upset with Israel at that point. They had turned their back so many times on Him, He had every reason to be angry, but even through His anger, He was keeping a bigger plan.
He led Israel to exile, but also laid plans to restablish Jerusalem later. And in a larger span of time, God even orchestrated Israel’s re-establishment of a nation in more recent times.He still has plans for Israel as they are His people.
It is comforting to realize that this example also holds for those of us who are his disciples. No matter how far we stray, He has promised to not let us out of his hands. Obviously, God is not happy when we sin, but He is faithful as He has always been. He will never let us go. This will not mean there are no consequences, if He follows His pattern, God can put pretty harsh punishments on people that claim His Name and turn their back on Him, but it is good to know that He is faithful even when his children are not.

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Got word from Smiley and Jude that they made it back to Cayes safely. Nice to know that they decided to check in when they got back.

Also got my suitcase from Rick Jacoby yesterday. Gotta say, it was amazing. I was excited to get the tools that I knew were coming, but it was even better to get the cards and notes from all of you that sent them. I really appreciate all your prayers, and they will definitely help sustain me this week while I am at the house with just Yves and I.

Speaking of Yves, he asked me to do him a favor today. He wants to stop at the hospital to minister to patients there. I am pretty excited about this. He even went to Child Hope to copy a scripture to give to people, from Psalms, and stopped at the market and spent his own money (he got paid yesterday) to get water for the patients as well.

I also got the wires cleaned up yesterday, and bunched and secured to the wall. I did not install conduit as I feel the wires are plenty secure in their current location and will be less likely to overheat if in open air.

The wires for the A/c units are run as far as I can get without a taller ladder. The HVAC guys will have a ladder when they come back so I will finish the install then.

Thanks again for prayers and notes of encouragement.

God Bless.

P.S. To mom-mom, I do not have an address down here sadly. However, Josh will be coming down next week, so if you mail something to Johnstown, I’m sure he could deliver it to me.
218 Maple Ave, Johnstown, PA 15901 is Josh and I’s house back there.

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Pretty excited to get my stuff from Rick Jacoby today. It will be sweet to get some more tools, and maybe a pillow. Been using an extra blanket as a pillow so far.

Yesterday was a great day. I spent the afternoon simply relaxing, taking a day of rest. I did wash the car, but that was enjoyable as well. Church service in the morning was amazing. The worship time was great, including “light the fire again” and “salvation” that took me back to the EBC youth days with leif. Then the message was very strong. It was about the way that humans react to laws, including God’s law. Laws, as an external influence with the threat of punishment, inherently do not work to control human nature. We listen to laws, unless there is no one around to stop us. Think about speeding, parking illegally, etc. If not police are around, then why not break the law, there won’t be punishment if the cops are not there.
The israelites acted the same way with the Law. The Law was good, but as soon as the people got over the wonder and amazement of God’s presence, they turned their back on His laws. For example, even Aaron and his sons, who saw God themselves on Mount Sinai, turned their back on God in a short period of time afterwards when his presence was not as visible.
It is amazing then, that God decided to create the new covenant that was based on love, and will change lives from the inside out. As the Spirit takes up a loving residence in a life, that life will be changed. There will be times that we still stray, but the Spirit is ever-present, and He will help us to stay on the right path, or return to it after we have strayed.

In a more frustrating note, why is the only thing in english that I can find on TV the Trinity Broadcasting Network. So I get Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, and occasionally someone who is a prophet who has shared his visions with presidents and world leaders, don’t remember the name.
I know God’s word will not return void, but why can’t I ever find a televangelist that doesn’t irritate me. Perhaps it is just the fact that a pastor should have a relationship with his congregation (in my opinion), so it is hard to expect a lot from an impersonal broadcast. I don’t know, maybe I’m just cynical. I just would appreciate a broadcast from Alistair Begg, Ergun Caner, Rob Turner, etc…

Smiley and Jude are departing today. Smiley will head back to Les Cayes to start school tomorrow. Jude will stay in Port-Au-Prince for a while, visiting some family.

Last night we also watched a haitian made movie. I forget the title, but it was about 2 con artists who pretend to be pastors to steal money from a church/hospital/school in Port-Au-Prince. I was kinda upset about it at first, but it was actually a good movie. The conclusion was that these men were exposed, but in the process of faking being pastors, they actually found God. So after they were exposed and exiled, they came back repentant to the church and seeking forgiveness. The church leaders were hesistant, but finally realized that they are to forgive everyone, despite their sins.
However, there was a small problem with their theology at the end, and I guess it’s not even a “small problem” to me. The real pastors said “we forgive you, but you need to go to bible study daily, and be at the weekly prayer meetings” etc. Forgiveness has no stipulations. We should have a reaction to our repentance, and a desire to change, but it should be from our heart and should be out of love for Christ, not done as an action that is required to earn our forgiveness.

Anyhow, it was a good weekend. Now I’ll get back to work getting things taken care of around here again. Probably going to wire up the A/C units today, clean up the electrical wires I have around. Put a door on the bathroom. That’s todays work probably. Then I’ll figure out the next steps after that.

God Bless,

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