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Hoping we don’t get too much rain tonight, only cause I will be upset that we just got water delivered. It was scheduled before I knew we were going to get the rain collection done today. Turned out to not be that big of a project. One day and we were good to go. Thankfully there is a small “hardware store” right around the corner that has some PVC and fittings for when we needed.

Oh well, we were low enough on water that I am still glad to have the cistern filled just in case, especially at 2000HTG, or about $50. So, not that big of a deal.

Jude cooked lunch today, he was the last of us to make a meal. Conclusion, we’re all still guys, we can cook well enought to by, but none of us are gourmet chefs. Lots of spaghetti, both american and haitian style, plus lots of rice for the other meals.

Tomorrow we will take off from work projects. We’ll just clean up, and wash the car. Monday I will drop Jude and Smiley at the bus station to head back to Les Cayes. I will be sad to see them go, but Smiley has school starting on Oct 4th.

I’m also pretty excited to get some more tools to work with when Rick Jacoby comes in on the 4th. I’ll meet him at the airport and he agreed to bring in a suitcase that my parents are packing today for me.

I’m realizing that T.V. is a major distraction here. Almost got to the point of flipping off the circuit breakers and claiming we were out of power a couple times, except we needed to run the drill for our projects, so that couldn’t work. lol.
We were still making progress though, and it’s been good to have at night, cause once power goes out, it can be pretty boring around here.
Tonight we’ll go spend some time worshipping together when I use the guitar up at Child Hope, hopefully Scotti and some of them will join us as well.

Found out today that I might have four visitors next week, and that would be awesome. Conklin may join Josh, Sean, and Rullo coming down here.
Don’t know much of the schedule, but I do know it will include a trip to Cayes to return tools and visit Smiley and Jude. Plus we will likely stop in Grand Goave on the way.
Our big project will be the bunk beds for that week, and rebuilding the cabinets/countertop and installing the sink in the basement if I don’t have it done by then.
Have thought about putting in conduit for the elcetrical work. That may happen this week, or maybe next week.
At some point, the dryer needs installed, but I have been line drying everything. Angelo at Child Hope said it probably requires a propane conversion kit, and I know little about that, so I will let someone who has done it before take care of it.

Monday I will likely wire up the A/C units once I get some more wire. Seems to be an undending battle of getting more parts, only to discover that I need something else from the store. Granted, I’m sure dad can relate, he always seems to be stuck making all the hardware runs at a typical work project.

Thanks for keeping up with stuff on here. Always good to hear that people are paying attention to what’s going on. This week could be a little trying. It will be back to just Yves and I at the house, and he isn’t real talktative at times.

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Mixed blessings today.
Finally got the first toilet installed in the master bathroom. Also have the wiring in place and working for everything but the A/C Units that are not yet installed either.
Might put the wiring in conduit later, but had to make sure everything was working first, and have to make a decision about total costs and whether i can use EMT or PVC conduit.
Then, I tried to install the sink in the downstairs kitchen, only to find that the cabinets and counter top are pretty much destroyed by water damage.
be a fun repair job to basically build new supports inside them, or just replace them, but since this place is a “rental” we don’t want to invest too much in it. i’ll let bob make the call about replacements later, i’ll just try to make it work for now.

Smiley and Jude will leave Monday, then I will have the girls from Gr. Goave up for a visit next weekend. Then get to have Josh, Rullo, and maybe Sean down later too. Looking forward to it.
Also, got word that Rick Jacoby, from Emmanuel, is heading down to PAP with Mission Discovery on 4Oct10 and can carry one 50-lb checked bag for me to pick up at the airport.
I will have my parents pack it, but if you want to send anything, get it to them quickly.

God Bless,

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Productive morning today.
Just stopped for lunch at 2. Been good though.
The guys from Valerio Canez came by to install the A/C units today. They got the interior pieces mounted today, and will be back with a bigger ladder to install the exterior potion tomorrow. Then, I will have to wire up circuits for each of them, probably their own 20A circuits each unless an electrian (cough, cough, Bruce or Tim) tells me otherwise. Seems like the best idea to do it that way though. They are 18,000 BTU units if I remember right. Probably worth putting the seperate circuits as recommended by the installer.
Took advantage of the EDH power being out and put in a new service disconnect switch. At least there’s one good thing about power being out. 🙂
Also got the Generator/EDH switch installed, and the inverter moved to it’s permanent location. The battery rack will be built by Yves later this week. Probably will get the materials tomorrow.
Working on figuring out the new circuit layout. 12 Circuit panel with 3 lugs to split the power. I will run the inverter on 1 lug, just for the fridgerators, lights, and receptacles probably. Then I will use one of the lugs for the A/C units (3 total since 1 is already in the master bedroom).
How bad is it to have unbalanaced loads on the two legs of the generator? I have no idea. And I have no idea how to estimate usage since the fridge is non-continuous, and the batteries have the potential to draw 4kWatts or better when charging. I want to run all of that off of 1 leg, and run the AC units and other non-essentials on the other leg.

Sorry for all the technical jargon, I just know some people read this that would care and may have input, so I will seek it out.

In other news, we had the cleaning lady make us lunch today as well. Good kreyol food, chicken and rice and beans. Might have to do that more often. She has 4 kids and lives in a tent, so it is good to help her by hiring her. Two of her kids come to the house, a baby and a 3 year old. They are adorable. Smiley, Jude, and Yves love playing with them.

Please pray for:
-Candance Gordon – her YWAM DTS has now begun, but she still needs more funding, so pray that God will provide as she has already taken the step of flying out.
-Tim Mullen and family – Tim lost his dad this week to cancer.
-My ability to persevere. This has been amazing so far, just pray that I can continue to run the race set before me with passion and compassion for those around.

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Lesson learned. Our generator cannot replace EDH power. lol.
Tried to turn the generator on when I was still tied in to EDH. This is a temporary solution. Tomorrow will be the final one.
For now, everything works with EDH disconnected. Fine by me since it hasn’t worked since Friday anyhow.
Last night we ran out of juice in the batteries around 7pm. Made for an early night.

Today’s project was moving the generator and getting it hooked up to the house.
Took a trip to the hardware store, but got it done now. By the way, the generator is about 1500 lbs. It was quite a project. Glad I brought Jude and Smiley back from Cayes with me or I would have been in trouble.

Unfortunately, I was too late getting the generator hooked up for most of the things in the fridge. While I was on my trip to Cayes, most things in there went bad, except for the things that don’t belong in the fridge anyhow, like coffee, and granola, and other stuff that someone left for me. 🙂

Tomorrow we will actually hook things up in their permanent structure.
1/3 of the circuits will run off of the inverter and always be on.
2/3 of the circuits will run only off of EDH or generator with a big switch to choose.
Could mean some rewiring to make sure my 4 circuits that are always on are the fridges, lights, and most of the receptacles.
The other circuits will be the washer, dryer, air conditioners, water pump, etc.
Also will finally replace the water pump switch tomorrow. Looking forward to that since it is a hazard all by itself.

Random thought:
My new favorite drink down here is Tampico Juice, a blend of pineapple, orange, and banana flavors. Better for me than the Coke I usually drink. Also keeps me from running out of Propel packets in the first week. And at 59 HTG (~US$1.49) per 1/2 Gallon, not too bad on the pockets either.

God Bless.

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28Sep10 – Posted 29Sep10


Events of the day:
-Drove from Cayes to Port-Au-Prince
-Dinner at Child Hope

Honestly, not a really busy day, but very draining. We left Cayes around 8am in the middle of a strong rain. Seems to be a daily occurance, guess that’s why it’s called the rainy season. lol.
Noticed once again that the area between Cayes and Anquin, including St. Louis du Sud would make great tourist areas. Gorgeous beaches with islands on the horizon. Bright blue water.

Only a 2 1/2 or 3 hour trip from Cayes to Grand Goave. Then I stopped there for lunch. Talked with Maggie and Tiff again. They are looking forward to having a very long list of things to accomplish, so far they have simply been getting acclimated, and sometimes it includes a lot of waiting since Lex is busy with many things right now.

Also I got to talk to Sean from Soulfest again. He is working with Fondespwa and was in a meeting almost the whole time I was there teaching a haitian woman some business concepts and getting paperwork in order. Maestro was translating and helping to explain things. It was interesting to see. Sean is doing a lot down here. So much work that he is hard to actually talk to because he is so busy, but to see him interacting with this woman was great.

After lunch, we got on the road again to get back to Port-Au-Prince. Since Yves doesn’t drive, he’s not the greatest with directions outside of the Delmas area. Therefore, we were using a map. Had to take a detour around a blocked road, and also traveled down J.J.Desalines boulevard through downtown. It was not a problem for safety, but seeing the destruction in that area, and smelling all the garbage, sewage, and burning was a lot for the senses.
Then we went up into Delmas 33. When I heard the name, I recongnized it as a big road/area. I did not realize how far we would be traveling though. We were dropping off Smiley’s cousin to stay with family. Her mother is in the hospital here and she will be visiting her.
We kept climbing and climbing up Delmas 33, until finally we were on top of the mountain, on dirt(mud) roads with tent cities all around. Smiley and Yves took some pictures/video cause I don’t think many blan’s make it up that far.

By the way, Smiley and Jude came up for the week. I had to work out a little different pay scale because I am short on funds to pay them the $25/day I did in the past. It will likely be more like $5-10/day, but they do not do anything when there are not americans around. So they are glad to have a trip to go on. They will help me with general projects around the house. Yves is a welder and will start working on a battery rack tomorrow.

We ate at child hope again tonight. I like doing that, but with 3 of us (Yves is always welcome there anyhow), it will be more efficient to cook for ourselves. Here’s to a lot of Kids Against Hunger meals. I like the rice, so it will be sufficient for me. Will get some meat at the supermarket too.

Speaking of Child Hope, I need to go help them at some point as well. Maybe I can get Jude and Smiley started then go look at their problems with a solar power station they have running.

I know I am jumping a little bit of everywhere with this post, but I am tired from all the driving, and I got home to our house and the power is out. I don’t know if EDH has been on at all while we were gone, but Yves was trying to be helpful and turned off the inverter/charger when we left, so the batteries did not charge at all even if EDH did kick on.
Makes job#1 tomorrow getting the generator hooked up. Then working on the battery rack and moving the inverter. Need to rewire some circuits that were not on breakers before, they were simply tapped off the main service entrance.
Also need to unclog the shower and get rain collection going or I will have to get another water truck in here, and I would prefer to avoid that.

Midrange priority projects are finishing the toilets in the master bathroom, purring a door on the common bathroom, and getting the new fridge in place.

Low priorities right now are bunk beds, kitchen sink, dryer, and maybe painting.

Please pray for:
-wisdom as I am leading this team of haitians.
-smiley’s aunt that is in the hospital
-maggie and tiff as they get in the swing of things in Grand Goave
-JT (Jonathan Taylor) as he is on my mind tonight so why not.
-jude that he will not get homesick this trip. 🙂

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Jehovah Jireh!

So, in something awesome enough that I have to post a third time today, I just received a gift card from an anonymous friend to get a new laptop from NewEgg. That is awesome.
H&F provided this laptop for me to use while I am here, but I will have to leave it in country when I return home.
Now I can have a laptop to continue my work, and for those that wondered about my choice when I posted on facebook of what I was looking for, an SSD drive instead of a standard hard drive is much more durable against shaking/dropping.
Thank you to whomever gave me the gift card, and thank the Lord for his providence, cause that it sweet.

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27Sep10-Part 2

27Sep10 – Part 2
Had a good morning, waking up at the beach property in Grand Goave.
Maggie and Tiff will have a lot of work to do working on the administrative side of the Mission of Hope school. Pastor Lex will be returning to America soon, I think on Wednesday morning.

Drove out to Cayes today. It was uneventful, thankfully. Driving is still an adventure here. Really wasn’t much traffic though. The more exciting part was once I was in Cayes. The road out to Savanette had some fairly serious flooding. Glad I’m in a pretty good off road vehicle in the Mitsubishi equivalent to a Land Cruiser. In this case, the options for caulking the wagon or hiring an indian guide were not available, so I went the route of fording the river. 🙂

Having dinner and staying the night at the MIA guest house in Cayes. Smiley, Jude, and Pizo will be joining us for dinner, and I think Smiley and Jude will travel with me back to Port-Au-Prince and work for a week to give me some extra hands. I told they I can’t pay them as well for this trip, but they still want to go. They don’t seem to do much when no missions team is around, so they are exited to do something I think.

I also got a bunch of tools from the container out here. Chop saw, Jig saw, a little wire, and some other various things. Sadly couldn’t find a dispenser for caulk here, so I guess I’ll have to buy one. Also couldn’t find the corded circular saw, so I will have to keep cycling batteries or put a wood blade on the chop saw.

In other interesting news, Mission of Hope is partnering with “Be Like Britt” to help put up another orphanage in Grand Goave. It will be interesting to see how things play out with H&F, MOH, and BlB all having facilities there. Hopefully, all will work together well and everyone’s efforts will be multiplied. Look forward to meeting the folks from be like britt sometime in the future too.

In less exciting news, I really need to spend at least a week in Cayes, and a week in Grand Goave, running any tests I can on the systems to improve reliability. All future projects are on hold until I am sure I can get past these problems. In Gr Goave, it may just be the batteries showing age, so I have some ideas to try to remedy, or at least test that.
In Cayes, the systems is almost non-responsive now. I will have to talk to the companies that built the equipment, cause I didn’t even pick that stuff out, I just pieced it together.

Please be praying for:
-Tim Mullen’s dad – He is struggling through a second bout with cancer.
-Candance Gordon – She needs the final $1500 for her discipleship training course by Wednesday. Please be praying for God to continue to provide as he has thus far.
-Maggie and Tiff starting this period in Grand Goave. It will be quite an experience for them.
-Wisdom for me. I will now have 3 haitians working with me, so I need to be on top of things from a management role.
-God’s will for getting kids into the H&F orphanages, and for timing of taking in kids.
-Also for people considering missions work in Haiti. Josh, Rullo, and Katy Niles have all expressed interest, just pray that God would work in their hearts and guide them where He wants them to go.

Bondye Beniw, or Bondye Bene ou, (God Bless You, depending on what Haitian tells me how to spell it. lol.)

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27Sep10- Part 1

Yesterday was pretty exciting.
Went to church in the morning.Kinda funny cause the preacher was giving a sermon about acting out on our compassion, not being believers. It was interesting to me since he is giving the sermon (at an english speaking church) to a room half full of missionaries here from the U.S. Even people who have been here a long time still need the reminder that it is not about what we have done, or what we believe, but a daily desire to act out of our compassion, love, and faith to show the world what God is doing, and trust completely what God is doing for us.

Then, went to the airport to pick up Maggie and Tiff. They are here through most of December to work with Mission of Hope in Grand Goave. For those keeping track of how small the world is, they also both worked at Ligonier Camp and Conference center this summer, which is right near Johnstown.
We all got settled in to the completed rooms at the beach house for Mission of Hope last night and just enjoyed a good night taking in the view and talking.
Pastor Lex was excited to see all of us as well.

Today, Yves and I will continue on to Les Cayes, where I will check out the battery/inverter system for Missions International of America. We will also go out to the Savanette to pick up some tools to use while I am here.
Smiley and Jude want to go with me back to Delmas, I will see if I can make that work or not.

God Bless,

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Daily Double!

For this daily double, I simply have to add an update.
It’s amazing how much better a day is when things get accomplished.
One, the fridge got delivered. So, that finalizes things with Valerio Canez, S.A. We returned the extra freezer for store credit, got our fridge, and got our new breaker box, safety switch, Generator Cable, and Battery Cables with the credit. Plus, the guy comp’d us delivery. Conclusion, some service reps are good to work with. Their bosses can make life a pain though.
Two, got the car in functional order. Both headlights work, was a wire problem, not a light problem. Traded some anchor screws with Child Hope for the crimp-on connector I needed to finish the job.
The mirror is fixed haitian-style. It is duct-taped in place. Might fix it for real in the future, but wasn’t too worried about it. If anyone wants to price out a passenger side mirror for a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero to bring in with them, it could work out. It was a “powered” mirror that didn’t work anymore, all I need is a mirror that fits the mount points, I just don’t feel like putting in the half-day required to find the part cause I have other projects to tend to.

Also, any advice on how to un-stop a shower drain for a septic system. Feel like finding some Drano might be hard, and not sure if I should use that with a septic tank anyhow.

Looking forward to tomorrow to meet up with Pastor Lex and Maggie tomorrow. Should be fun times. Also, talked to Amoce today and will be in Cayes on Monday, heading out to Savanette. He’s gonna email me phone numbers for Smiley and Jude. Still need to get ahold of them and Smith to let them know I’ll be in town. Plus, I’ll just have to talk to Amoce to find Pizo, probably doesn’t have a cell phone. 😛
He’ll probably show up when I get there without us telling him anyhow. lol.

God Bless.

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It must be Tuesday somewhere. lol.
Everything goes wrong on Tuesdays.
Came out of the house after breakfast to a broken passenger side mirror, almost got it

fixed, then it broke even more.
EDH (Power Company) power has been out since the storm yesterday, so the batteries are

dead, and I have no power at the house.
Borrowed a cordless DeWalt from Child Hope, only to have the battery die on me before I

could make the cart to move the generator.
lol. Just living the dream.

BUT, among all of that, I have simply decided that today will be the day of rest.

Typically, that is Sunday, but not this week.
Tomorrow morning, Pastor Lex will come out to visit the house, then we will both head to

the airport to meet up with Maggie from Akron when she arrives.

Then I will head to Grand Goave for the night. Monday morning Yves and I will head out to

Cayes to pick up tools in Savanette and try to fix the inverter system at the MIA guest

Tuesday, we will come back to Port and start working again.

Also, in exciting news, got to talk with my family today for a while. I don’t call often

cause it’s expensive, but still good to hear their voices. Mom and Dad are getting settled

in at their new house (gram’s old house), and things are going well with the church. Sauce

and Nate are working well with Josh to get things moving there.
Plus, Rullo and Josh are talking about coming down to help out here for a week. That would

be awesome. It’s a pretty chill place here and I could use a few more sets of hands.

I may just take the rest of the day off here to enjoy a Sabbath rest. That’s a really good

idea I think, so I will make it happen.

Thanks for keeping up with this adventure God has placed me in the middle of.

God Bless.

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