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Time for an overdue post, but one that means more as time passes.

But first, I’ll give you a current update. I’m in Kampala, Uganda, with my amazing fiancee and her family. My body is still trying to figure out what time zone I’m on, and I’m hoping to get my luggage today (though I arrived Saturday), but life is good.

Now, for an update from last week.
I was home in Johnstown, and if I’m honest, it was a very hard week for me. I felt like I didn’t belong there anymore, which I have kind of realized before, but last week was more difficult.
It seemed that over Monday and Tuesday, I just didn’t have anyone to talk to. My dad and brother were very busy, Jamie was unable to get online to talk to me from Africa, and life just seemed to roll on without in Johnstown. In fairness, mom was doing a great job making time for me, so that was my fault.
But either way, I was feeling alone, and finally, on Tuesday night, it brought me to my knees (which was probably where I should have been in the first place).
I went to the prayer room and spent some time with God, then later in the night, Josh and I got to sit down and talk for a bit.
Then, I went to prayer breakfast on Wednesday morning at Emmanuel, and God showed he was paying attention.

I just went to be a part of the meeting and enjoy being part of this group, but they did get me to share a bit about what is going on with my life, and upcoming wedding, and all. Then, after we were all done, a man came up to me and gave me a ring. I was surprised about that. He said that he felt God wanted him to give me this ring, which is obviously well worn, and bears the number 7, known as the perfect number as as a representation of God.
I didn’t comprehend at the time, but the more I see this ring, the more I see a reminder that God just wanted to let me know He heard my prayers the night before, and I am not alone, He is with me.

I’ve never been much for jewelry, but now I have 3 rings which I hold dear. One from Crucified ministries, this one, and the wedding ring which I will put on January 4th.

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I’m sitting in a hotel room, in Les Angleis tonight.
It took 7.5 hours of driving to get here from Jacmel.

Just before Les Angleis, I had to cross a river.
“You have come to a river, you have the following options:
(1) Attempt to Ford the River
(2) Caulk the wagon and float across (not an option here)
(3) Hire a local to help
(4) Wait”

I took option 3.
For 25 HTG, (about 63 cents US), a haitian stripped off his shoes and pants (still had underwear

on), and ran in front of my truck to make sure I stay on the shallowest parts.

The water wasn’t terribly deep (to me). It did leak into the side panels of the truck slightly.

But I had moved all water-sensitive equipment to higher shelves. I probably got a little rust on

my welding clamps, and the welding blanket got wet, but nothing important was damaged.
I was more worried I’d get stuck, especially the way the rear bumper of my truck sticks out so

far behind the wheels, I can drag easily as a steep incline levels out, and I have been stuck

like that before, but only on dry land.

But, we made it across safely.
It was the start of even more good things.
In my recent post, I talked about getting and inverter and batteries to bring with me.
Well, the Kelley family didn’t need the batteries, but I was able to install the inverter for

them. They were very excited by the time I left after dinner tonight.
For the first time since they’ve moved to Les Angleis, they have non-generator power. There is

not power grid out here. Maybe eventually they will get solar panels. But for now, they at least

can get more out of their generator, extending the useful time far beyong the run time.
They are great people, out here helping with an orphanage for Harvest Field Ministries.
Brad and Shannon have a young daughter, Lena, who was hilarious as she spent all day talking to

me and her mom while I was working.
It was great to get to know them a bit, and realize how God has allowed all of this to happen.

That He provided for their need, just as He has provided for mine.

And now I sit in a hotel room, in the dark, cause the generator has been turned off. Tomorrow I

will head to Savanette (outside Les Cayes) with Dr. Jay.
It’s been way too long since I’ve worked with Jay. I’ve been busy, and it is a long drive to get

out here. So, I am very thankful God worked out both of these trips to coincide well.
And even more, the batteries that I bought, and didn’t need for the Kelley’s, appear to be needed

for Dr. Jay and MIA now.
Guess He knows what I’m doing better than even I do. Glad to know that, cause many times I’m just

trying to figure it out as I go.

I thank you for your prayers and continued support.
Remember in your own lives to step out and do things that God is calling you to, even if they

don’t make sense. He will guide you, and He will work things out. Trust Him 🙂

And finally, I want to share these words from Stephen Mulligan, the Jacmel director for Hands and

Feet. They were quit fitting after all the facebook updates I have seen about the election and


“Life in Haiti during the past year has given me a love for America like never before. In the

dawn of a re-elected president, and my defeated candidate, I still hold that America is a GREAT


Each of you will wake this morning with confidence that basic systems of life which are often

taken for granted will be there. There are police that will show up if you are being held at gun

point for over an hour; There are ambulances to care for your medical needs if you were injured;

actual roads for those ambulances to travel on; hospitals to treat your injuries with doctors and

medicines, electricity, and running water; There is someone to call in emergencies; You are

innocent until proven guilty; Government at its foundation is JUST and there to protect the

people. The basic rights and infrastructure that you have every day are not enjoyed all of the

world. They are a privilege of living in the United States of America. ” – Stephen Mulligan

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Today was another good reminder of why I’m around, and how much I still have to learn.

I went to Port-Au-Prince with Nick, and successfully got some stuff for the house this time. So,

that was sweet.

But, I also got word that Jenny, whose inverter I installed last week is having some problems.
And, when we got home, there was a problem with Nick and Gwenn’s inverter again.
So, tomorrow will be taking care of these problems, plus reinstalling the inverter at MOHI guest

house after I replaced the fan today.

All that to say, I’ll only get to “start” my journey to Les Angleis tomorrow, but I won’t get

these until Wednesday. Not a big deal. I’ll stay there until I finish the job, then I’ll head to

Les Cayes with Dr. Jay.

It will be great to work on the house some more here, but that will have to wait until I get back

to Jacmel again.

God Bless.

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I have to offer a public apology, and a word of warning to my future wife today.

I went to Port-Au-Prince with a pocket full of money, and aspirations to buy appliances for our

house, and I failed.

Guess it’s just another reflection of my father, and my Father, in me.
When I started adding up the cash I had on hand, I realized I couldn’t get everything on my list.
Granted, my list is much more than I have ever tried to shop for in the past.
For our house:
-Pots and Pans
-Dining Room Furniture
-Voltage Regulator
-Washing Machine
-Water Cooler
-and probably other things that I can’t think of right now.

Of the list, I figured out that some are things I shouldn’t buy at a big store.
The Dining Room stuff and Dresser I’ll get a local carpenter to make. It’s cheaper, feels more

real to me, and directly supports him and his family. (Or, if we make it out of steel, it

supports Gayly and his family).
The dishes, that one I was just overwhelmed with choices. Jamie can make that decision when she

gets here. 🙂
And the washing machine, I have a lead on one from a friend here in Jacmel, so I didn’t have to

worry about it.

Now, for the rest of the stuff. All I managed to buy was one fan. It’s a good fan, but that’s it.


Because of facebook.
Or, more specifically because facebook showed me greater needs than my own.

God has brought Harvest Field Ministries into my path. This week I will be heading to Les Angleis

(once again expanding the territory I have seen in Haiti). It is 2 1/2 hours PAST Les Cayes on

the SW of Haiti. There, an orphanage, and a missionary’s house, are both run solely by generator

and battery/inverter systems. And they have problems that they haven’t been able to solve.
I am very excited to go meet them and offer what help I can.
But, since they are 7.5 hours from Port-Au-Prince (PAP), I don’t want to go empty handed. I don’t

know if their batteries or inverter are working, and I can’t just run out for some. So, I bought

an inverter and a set of 4 batteries for them today. Maybe we’ll need them, maybe not. If not,

I’m sure someone else will.
But, their need superceded my need of a fridgerator and stove and other stuff for now.

Then, I saw another friend post on facebook that her inverter is broken, and it is making it

harder (for a borderline insomniac already) to sleep. But, I can’t fix her inverter right now,

because of the Les Angleis trip and the trip with Dr. Jay that ties in with it.
So, F1 Engineering now has a new “loaner” inverter. I can’t fix hers right now, but she is up and

running with the loaner until I get the chance to fix hers.

All of this to say, I’m failing at setting up a house, but God is allowing success is taking care

of His children. I am thankful to say that F1 had plenty of funding to get these parts and be

able to do this work.
Through God’s faithfulness, He keeps providing. Friday, I got to install an inverter for another

missionary down here. She got the inverter and batteries, and I did the labor, but I can’t thank

God enough for the tools and parts to do the jobs right. Soon I’ll know how to do it well enough

to cut down the 10 trips back to my truck to go get a different tool or part. 🙂

If you ever wonder where support money to F1 Engineering goes, this is a great example.
It provides light (and peace of mind) in Jacmel, keeps a fridge of medicine cool in Grand Goave,

and gets me to the next job, with the right tools to help out whoever the next person is that God

brings into my path.

And, so no one is worrying for me, I also know that this apology will not surprise Jamie. And she

knows just as well as I do that God will provide our every need, according to his riches, in

exactly the times we need them.

God Bless.

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Sometimes I laugh at how well God has laid things out.
Especially in times like today, where I didn’t understand the process, but upon arrival, clearly see His hand brought me to this time, and this place.

Tonight, I’m back in Grand Goave.
I’ve made references before to this place, Kay Militon, the beach-front guest house for Mission of Hope International.
I’ve talked about this place being my “place of rest,” but truthfully, it is more than just rest. This has been my place of communion with God.

And mostly, when I made those comments, it was because I was here alone, or just about as close as I ever get to it.

I have complained about the terrible coverage from Digicel (phone) and Natcom (internet) out here many times.
But tonight, I realize why I’m here.

In this time, with Paul Fallon leaving early tomorrow morning, making it just me, the haitian staff, and gama’s family. I’l talk to them a bit, but overall, that means I’m here with a lot of time to myself again.

Time to reflect…Time to look forward…but mostly, time to spend with God.

It’s also a time for me to write. It’s been a while, and part of it is that I’ve been busy.
My mind has been racing recently, wanting to get everything done as quickly as possible.
On the bright side, some stuff is progressing nicely.
I finally got a pallet of solar panels ordered, and Lord willing, maybe I’ll even see them get here by the end of the month, and I even got to include a new charge controller for Sister Bonite’s house the next time I get to visit her.
I finally got my truck fixed, even if it meant replacing a brake line (new experience for me) in the middle of a hurricane (Thanks, Sandy). lol.
I finally am going to install an inverter setup for Jenny Jenkins in Grand Goave, so she has power without running her generator all the time.
And, I’ve got a house, and I’m moving into it. Sorry to be slow to update you in the blog, I honestly forgot as I posted pictures on facebook. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house, unfurnished, and it will be great for Jamie and I.
We’ve already been promised 2 queen size beds, and I’ve started collecting some other household goods too.
And, I’ve been contacted by some other missionaries needing help, who feel I’m an answer to prayer. Honestly, that is just a place where I am asking for your prayers now too. These missionaries, the Kelley’s, have only solar power and a generator, and it has not been functioning properly for a while now. They haven’t had any luck getting it repaired, so they’ve had only generator for about 2 hours a day. Then, they found my contact information.
Pray that I will be able to help them. I’m going out to work on their system next week.
Also pray for me as I travel, that I may get where God needs me to be. It will be about 7.5 hours driving from Jacmel to Les Angleis. I could save some drive time if I didn’t go back to church on Sunday, but I feel it is important to get back there too.

Additionally, I found out that Dr. Jay is coming in next week. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to work with him, and it is on the way back from Les Angleis, so I am looking forward to stopping and working with him again.

Anyhow. There is a breif update for all of you, that will post when the internet decides to work again.
But now, I will take some time with God, that is overdue.
Don’t ever forget in your own lives how important spending time with Him is. Find a place where you can be free from distractions, and focus on the fact that He wants to spend time with you.

God Bless. 🙂

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Now, you get new thoughts, at a more reasonable hour.

Today was great, though little progress was made on anything.
My truck is on jack stands, and I am no closer to having it running (well, running it’s fine, the stopping is the current issue).

But, it was a great day.
I got to spend time with Gayly, Craig, and Nick.
I got to crawl under the truck and start figuring things out.
And I got to check out some new housing options.
Mostly, they made me realize that I like the one I had already seen.

Plus, I got some emails back that were encouraging.
I have a good distributor for solar panels, and as soon as I get word whether I can ship 1 or 2 pallets into Haiti, I will order them and get that moving.

Plus, Gayly negotiated with the guy on the house for me.
I hate negotiations, but it’s how things work here.
The guy started with saying the house was $10k/year to rent.
Now it’s $4300 to rent for a year, and he is going to finish the security wall (2 more courses of block, and razor wire), including a finders fee to Gayly that is typically 10%.
Gayly said he’d forward that to me, but we’ll see what I end up doing with it.

I’ll post pictures once I figure out what’s going on, but I think I’m off to a good start now.

If nothing else, last night I just needed to vent a bit, and after I vent and admit my own shortcomings, it gives me a chance to come to the throne with greater humility (oxymoron?).
I know I’m broken, I’m open about my brokeness, and it is the time for Him to lift me up and show me His plans, which are always better than mine.

I am looking forward to stumbling through the next few steps, trying to run more each day.
God is faithful to keep me moving.

Pray that I can continue to minister well wherever I am.
It gets hard sometimes because (1) I want to be with Jamie, (2) I want to finish my work in Grand Goave, which I can’t because my truck is broken, and (3) I like to be free to make my own decisions, and right now I am severely limited.

Also, pray for Gayly. Right now my best comparison for him is a senior at a christian college. All his friends are getting married or in relationships, and his just ended a few months ago, and now is his time to grow personally. He has grown significantly, and he doesn’t say anything about all the relationships, but I want to make sure we keep him built up in prayer so he doesn’t get distracted from his growth with God.

Have a great night. God Bless 🙂

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Tonight, you get the thoughts running through my mind as I prepare to sleep again.

I’m approaching one week of being back in Haiti.

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve still got some of the same struggles I was asking for prayer for last time I was here.
Sure, I’ve got more peace in quite a few parts of life. I’ve got an amazing, loving, faithful fiancee, and I take strength in that knowledge. Each day includes a prayer of thanks to God above for the blessing she has already been on my life, and for what He will allow for us together here.
But, she is the solution to all of lifes problems.

I’m still struggling with the day to day at times here.
Haiti is hard. Things take longer than they should.
I’ve had mostly the same to-do list all this week. The post-it hasn’t changed much since Monday.
-Fix Broken Mirror on Truck (finally mostly done today)
-Fix brakes on truck
-I can’t leave Jacmel until this happens, cause I can’t go over the mountain. Here’s to hoping I can get this done soon-ish.
-Buy a Natcom SIM Card.
– This should be simple, except it’s Haiti. Gayly and I have each gone to the store on seperate days, and both of us came back empty handed.
-Order solar panels and high-efficiency freezer.
– This one is probably my own fault. I have too many option and things running through my head. Thankfully I have at least found a good source, and know that I have a friend in Florida to help me.
-Look for housing
– Are real estate listing that hard to come up with? Here, I guess so. Everything is word of mouth, so Gayly and I kinda drive around looking for someone with a place to rent, then tour it.

Anyhow, things are moving forward, just not as fast as I would like.
I hate the feeling of knowing that other people are waiting on me. Tiffany is waiting for the solar panel order to get through. Jenny is waiting for help in Grand Goave. I haven’t gotten to see what’s going on with MIA and Smiley and them out in Les Cayes in a while.
Yet, every day I can get caught up in small things that just take way too long here in Jacmel.
And, I waste time cause it feels like I can’t get anything done.

So, please pray for me as I try to move forward, and that I wouldn’t get too frustrated even when things don’t go how I planned.

In positive news, things are good here too.
Church on the Beach was great on Sunday night, and now it’s gotten better cause Sarah and Craig are back too.
Next week will be communion since everyone is back for now. After all our worldwide “furloughs” and travel and all, the gang is back together.
Finding a new supplier, and hearing from Ross in Florida are huge steps towards having a more consistent supply of solar panels. And, through a new friend and this new supplier, I may even be able to start building some prototype solar panels in country here. If that works out, maybe the factory idea could even be restarted. That would be awesome.
For housing, while it’s frustrating, I have found a couple places that would work well. It just gets hard to spend things on “renting” when I want to build, but I know that this is the best direction to go for the moment, and the building will come in it’s own time.

Sorry if I seem a little scattered tonight. I am.
It’s kind of a similar feeling to the last time I came down. I’m “home”, but I’m not home. I’ll never be home this side of heaven. So, please keep me in your prayers that I can still be content, and be “all here” through this time. For once, things seem backwards. Usually I go back to the U.S. and find it hard when people don’t want to hear what’s been going on in Haiti, and not it’s backwards. Now, my exciting news came from while I was gone, but life keeps moving forward here too.

So, that’s what’s on my mind right now. Usually I try to put some sort of learning point for those of you reading the blog, but I don’t have one tonight. This is what I am, and where God has brought me. I will praise Him for each day He’s given me, pressing on towards the prize, but knowing, as an athlete, that perseverence is the key to finishing strong the journey before us.

God Bless.

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**Edit: Kind of an incomplete post. Sorry, I got distracted**

It’s well past time that I get back on this blog.
Sorry to any of you that have been waiting for updates, I’ve just been running around a bit like a chicken with my head cut off 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post, I now have a wedding to get ready for.
I’ll be getting married on Jan 4th in Kampala, Uganda.
I’m am excited beyond words, as God has granted me the best partner I could ever ask for, and even more. Jamie has incredible faith (as evidenced by the fact that she will agree to marry me, and to move to Haiti with me afterwards despite never being here before.), and I knew that before heading to Africa. But she’s also beautiful, a fantastic musician and photographer, and has a servants heart beyond what I could have imagined prior to spending a month with her and her family in Uganda and Kenya.

What the means now, is that I have under 2 months to get ready for her to get to Haiti. So, I am back in Haiti now.
I still have plenty of jobs to do immediately, including at least 2 inverter installations, but will also now be looking for rent a house and get it set up.

I have postponed my plans to build a house, but likely only temporarily. First, it is due to time constraints, that I would have to drop all other work to even attempt to have something livable within the next 2 months. However, the bigger reason is also that I want Jamie to be a part of the decision process on purchasing land and building, so we can start this journey off right.
So, for now, I will rent a house for us. Please be praying for the right place to come available to balance needs, finances, and security.

In the meantime, I was very excited to be back at church on the beach last night. This community is awesome, and I missed them very much. Tomorrow marks the reunion as it were, when Sarah and Craig get back. So next weekend we will take communion as a church. 🙂

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So, you may have noticed I’ve been quiet for a while.
Honestly, it’s cause the thing dominating my thought process just couldn’t be shared publicly yet.

Now, I can joyfully share it.
I am engaged to the most amazing, faithful woman I could imagine,
Jamie Soderlund.

It’s a long story, so I will post that once we have written it out, cause God has done great things to get us to this point, but tonight I can at least announce it and share some of the future plans, si Dye vle.

So, now, as for the state of F1 Engineering. Here is where I stand.

I will return to the U.S. (I am currently in Uganda with her and her family) in late September, and visit Cedarville University for my 5 years reunion. Hopefully this will be a great time to share the ministry that is going on and maybe spark some interest from other CU alumni to help out.

Then, I will return to Haiti for my next stint.
I have several major projects to accomplish in this time, but now my priority has also become “establishing a residence” so I can bring Jamie with me after out wedding, which will likely be at the end of this year.

So, please pray for us as we seek God’s hand in providing land. I am still working on how to build out of shipping containers, but all of my designs are worthless without a place to put them. So, pray for God’s guidance and providence with us. He has lead us this far, and I am sure He will continue to lead and provide.

I also have projects to:
-put in a solar installation at a medical clinic in Cap Haitien
-put in solar at Be Like Brit orphanage in Grand Goave
-help with building the conference center with MIA in Les Cayes
-fix the welding machine in Archaie for Children’s Lifeline
-work on electrical planning with Nick at Joy in Hope
-help with electrical installation at MOHI school in Grand Goave

and I’m probably missing other things on my list.

Please pray for wisdom and guidance for me.

If I get land, and my first container, I will be looking for some help from stateside, so don’t be surprised to see that request. Accomodations would be minimal at best, but if I need help, I will post it here.
It would likely be lots of manual labor, some plumbings/electrical work, and sleeping on cots without power until we get it up and running.
And the cost of the trip would be airfare plus about $500 probably, though exact details are completely unknown as I don’t know if/when it would even happen. Just a heads up.

God Bless you.
Thank you for keeping up with me, and I am sorry I have been silent, but I didn’t want to share until we both knew God had pulled us together and were committed to this.

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23July12 – Thanks for keeping up with me


Update on my project list:

The funniest part of my list, is that it is overwhelming,

and yet more things come up each day to keep adding to it

Priorities are always shifting, but at least I had some

things set that I knew I really needed to accomplish.

I did work on getting the solar panels, and that is moving

forward again. Plus, I got my phone numbers replenished, got

a plane ticket booked, and talked to Nick about land.

But it’s always the less expected things that are awesome


Today, for example, one of my favorite times was when Josiah

(one of the Mangine kids) came up to me with a book and

asked me to read it to him. I enjoyed that, and I consider

it a great use of time.
I also joined a meeting with Nick and Dave Bird to work on a

cost estimate for the new Joy in Hope house. Turns out my

input can be helpful, and it’s certainly educational to

actually hear from an architect’s perspective as I’m trying

to learn about good building practices.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish up a battery rack for up in Leogane,

and get out to Kabic to try to fix an inverter, and, if it

works with Craig’s schedule (if?), open a bank account down

here as part of the residency permit process.

For those back in the states, can anyone recommend me the

best way to get a background check? I know I’ve had them

before working in youth ministry and for work, but I don’t

know if I have documentation around. Any thoughts?

I also got to worship with the crew from Hands and Feet,

including Will, Andrea, and Stacie, who I haven’t seen in a

long time. So that was awesome.

And church on the beach was great this week. We had a bunch

of short termers, plus our core crew of missionaries. It was

awesome. A lot of the talk was about how we need to stay

focued on our true goal, which is Christ and Him alone.

“Failures” in day to day life are pretty expected. In

worldly terms, Christ only managed 3 years of ministry

before He was killed by the very people He was ministering

too. However, it is the eternal impact which is important.

And His eternal impact was victory. We must work each day

with an eye on the eternal, rather than just on the “work”

of the day and whether it was succesful from a worldly


I also was reading through the book of Acts again. And I was

in Acts 4 again.
I love Acts 4:29-31
29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your

servants to speak your word with great boldness. 30 Stretch

out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through

the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was

shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and

spoke the word of God boldly.

Down here, many people are still very much scared of voodoo,

and will admit that they believe people can be turned into

animals, or otherwise cursed.
Here’s the thing. The spiritual world does exist, and I am

fairly confident that these voodoo priests have done

supernatural things that have brought everyone to this point

of fear.
Why are the christians not countering? Why is the Holy

Spirit not showing up with even more power?
We are not here to say that voodoo is false. If anything, we

are here to acknowledge that, yes, the supernatural exists,

now get on the side of the ultimate power, and know Him who

has conquered all.
Voodoo is our equivalent to the prophets of Baal, and others

who worship the demonic activity. We can acknowledge that it

exists, and typically we must, but only within the

realization that it holds no power in the light of the power

of Jehovah.

So, my prayer for the week (and for my life) is that we

would be a people through whom God can show up and do

miraculous things that all may see His power.

In addition, this week, I will be trying to finish up

several jobs in Grand Goave, Leogane, and Archaie. Please

pray for my travel.
Last trip to Gonaives, I lost the mirror on the driver’s

door of my truck. It only cost $12 to replace, but still,

it’s another realization that (a) driving is dangerous here,

and (b) I thank God for his protection to this point.
Those of you that know me well will recognize that I don’t

pray for safety, and this is the case again. Pray instead

that my truck will get me where He needs me to be, even if

that place is heaven. I don’t pray for safety, because I am

safe already, I am with Him.
I don’t want a fatal accident to be seen as anything but Him

taking me where I truly needed to be. Instead, let us be

honest in our prayers.

Other prayer requests:
-direction for friends here:
– Patrick (Children’s Hope) has finished an internship and

is now heading back to the states after 8 weeks here and has

decisions to make regarding continuing ministry school, and

current involvement in ministry, and where all this should

– Stacie (HAF) – direction for ministry in her life too
– Emily (SurfHaiti) – direction for ministry

-quite a few people have relationships that could use prayer
-pray that all will seek God first, and follow where He

would lead for each of these relationships.

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