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I find myself dragging my feet today.

I continue moving forward, but moving slowly, unsure of the next step.
Fear of failure is sometimes paralyzing, fear of letting someone down.
But even with the intense desire to not let anyone down, it is harder to act when it seems I already have.
When a project gets overdue, or I am already behind the schedule I wanted to achieve, it is even harder to make up the difference.

This is likely just a character flaw I must learn to deal with.
I don’t manage time well.
I want to honor God with everything I do, but sometimes it is easier to take care of small jobs and keep pushing off things that require a little more work.

By this time, I should have had a pallet of solar panels in the country.
By this time, I wanted to have a house built.
I came into Haiti with a ton of enthusiasm this trip, and yet, I continue to toil in the same day to day work. That is not to say it isn’t fruitful. Good things are happening, but, perhaps, at the expense of great things.

I have many things on my mind that keep getting postponed.
Honestly, I write this and post it publicly looking for more help, and for more accountability.
It is easier to ignore emails, since it is Haiti, and it is quite possible that I just didn’t see them due to internet being spotty. But I need to improve my responses.
But sometimes, I just don’t know answers, and that leads me to just letting them sit.

In an effort to get more help, more accountability, and continue moving forward as I need to, I want to ask you to pray for me, and to check in on projects that I state I want to accomplish here.

(1) Tomorrow, I MUST call Sun Electronics and Hellman Logistics and try to get this pallet of solar panels ordered.
(2) Tomorrow, I MUST get an airline ticket booked to head stateside August 8th.
(3) Tomorrow, I MUST get my phone book refilled with phone numbers that I need to continue. Specifically, I need Pastor Lex and Renee, Gama and Angela, Andrew and Angie Sutton, Delvar and Judelyn, Dave Bird, Smiley, Jude, Dr. Jay (U.S.), Osmy or other staff from Children’s Lifeline (Archaie), Emmanuel and Hannah (Haiti Village Health), Patrick (Caporal), Ken and Marie, Shane and Kristie.
(4) In the next week, I MUST open a bank account, get a health screening, and start the process of getting a Permis de sejour.
(5) By Monday, I need to have a draft ready to send to RickRuss.
(6) By the end of next week, I need to have an outline of a presentation for when I get home.
(7) By the end of next week, I need to check on the inverter at Kabic Beach House, Shane’s, and at Greg’s house.
(8) By the end of next week, I need to check in on Sister Bonite and see how her system is doing.
(9) Tomorrow, I MUST talk to Nick about land again.
(10) By the end of next week, I need to have plans to return to Leogane (Acts of Mercy) and Children’s Lifeline to finish the projects at those locations.

Please help me to stay on task with this. If you see me on facebook, ask how things are going. I should at least be able to talk about working on one of these jobs…
Every day, I can accomplish good things, but if I work a little harder, greater things are yet to come.

Please pray for me to continue to press forward, pushing hard to the prize.
Each day is filled with plenty to do, help me to stay motivated, to see the goal of His Glory, and to strive for it.

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Status Report:
Spent the last two days in La Croix (near Gonaives) working with Pastor Pierre.
It’s weird to spend time at a guest house when there is no short term team around. It

perpetually feels empty.
This is where I was working with Cherith and the crew from Purcellville Baptist Church a

few weeks ago.

Anyhow, as for the work, it’s gone well.
I fixed a minor wiring issue on the inverters, so now they are playing happily together.

Plus, I reconfigured the auto-start on the generator, so it will work just fine now.
All that to say, this system is up and functioning with 12kWatts of inverter power, two

large battery banks, 7kWatts of solar panels, and the generators and grid all tied in.
My second large project was to get the non-inverter systems wired properly. And now they

are. There are a bunch of air-conditioners here, so they only run off of generator or

grid power. That is what we “broke” when we left last time. The last night we were here,

we had accidentally screwed up that part of the system. So now, there is new wiring for

all of that, and if i want it, i could turn on the A/C tonight. Though, we’ll see if that

happens or not…

Since I had some extra time, I also managed to sketch out the electrical work into 4

diagrams and left a hardcopy with Pastor Pierre, and will send pdf’s to the guys who work

here more often.
It’s nice to actually wrap up a job properly.

Funny part is, I’ve been bored. I came up to spend 2 days here, and I could have left

after one and a half, but the trip is too long to start after lunch.

Tomorrow, I will be heading back to Jacmel for Church on the Beach. It’s been a great


However, I did skip the most exciting part.
If you read my last post, you’ll see my admissions that I am “my father’s son”.
Well, that extended even further. When I was a teenager, I was helping my dad work on

some electrical stuff at our house, and I asked, “shouldn’t we turn off the circuit

breaker first?” He replied, “No, just don’t touch anything you shouldn’t.”
That day resulted in my screwdriver getting thrown across the living room involuntarily.

Yesterday, I set a new record for current passing through my body. I’ll be honest, I had

turned off most of the stuff in the building, but the particular circuit I was on

apparently wasn’t off. My knife went flying, and it was a pretty good hit. Getting

shocked is kinda common around here, but this was a good one.
Gotta thank God for keeping me around for a little while longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhow, I have a couple quick thoughts for you as well.
(1) I’m coming home August 8th. I’ll be the “missionary of the month” at Emmanuel’s

weekend services August 11-12, and then I’m going to share about ministry down here later

that week.
I’ll do 2 presentations. First, on Thurs evening (August 16th) at 7pm at Crucified, and

then again at Emmanuel on Monday (August 20th). They’ll be similar presentations, so

don’t worry about getting to both, but if you’re interested ni what is going on down

here, I’ll give you the best updates I can.

(2) August 22nd I’m heading to Africa for a month. Uganda, and maybe South Sudan and

Kenya. Pray for that trip, it should be sweet. I’m expecting that Africa will be similar

to Haiti in at least one regard.
Nick Mangine says of Haiti, “The amazing thing about Haiti is that you never know what

you purpose will be. But, if you let it, Haiti WILL provide purpose everyday.”
I figure Uganda will provide plenty of purpose for me while I’m there.

(3) I’ve come across some good quotes today, so you get to take them in as well.
“Christian’s like to paint themselves as the happiest people in the world. But as we

grow closer to God, shouldn’t we be LESS satisfied with the fallen world we live in?”

(said by Nick Mangine)
A similar quote from C.S. Lewis is “โ€œI didnโ€™t go to religion to make me happy. I always

knew a bottle of Port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really

comfortable, I certainly donโ€™t recommend Christianity.โ€

So, it really continues to make me question the idea of “happiness.” I’ve realized over

and over that my “comfort” leads to complacency, and leads to me being less attentive to

God’s desires. Therefore, my prayer continues to be, “Lord, keep me longing for you. Keep

my uncomfortable on this earth, so that I remember that I am not home yet, and that You

have something much better.”

(4) Another quote, this one directed at preachers…
โ€Ž”Preacher, you cannot persuade people that you and God are great at the same time.”
found on Dr. Cook’s facebook. He’s a pastor at APEX and bible professor at Cedarville.

Just thought it was pretty good.

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12July12 – 2- Dad

12July12 – Part 2, more thoughts on my dad

So, I realized more today, the longer I thought about it, about how I am my father’s son.

The best way to describe it is to look at what I do as work now in compared to the 3 “engineers” in my family growing up.

(1) Pap. He was the best kind of engineer. The kind that could do anything (or at least that’s how I remember it), even though he didn’t have a degree. He just had the experience and intuition to get the job done. Realistically, I never figured I would be like him, mostly just because corporations and all require degrees and all now and Pap never would’ve been able to make it through all the reviews and interviews cause he didn’t have that “piece of paper” saying he was plenty smart and experienced for the job.

(2) Uncle Larry. He was a mechanical engineer, and he worked in an office at CTC. I never knew exactly what he did, cause it was classified, but he worked on stuff for submarines and other cool projects. Honestly, I always figured to follow in his steps. Get a degree, get a job, make good money, work in an office during the day, and spend spare time with other hobbies/doing ministry stuff.

(3) Dad. He was a “field service engineer” by job title. I always thought it was a weird title, cause he wasn’t actually an engineer. Kinda funny in hindsight that I have no problem calling Pap an engineer without a degree, but would hold it against the technicians like my dad. I guess part of it was the actual job too. Instead of working in an office, he would travel in the “company minivan” to wherever a customer’s machine was broken and fix it, even as they expanded his coverage zone and he would have to drive 4-5 hours to get to the location. Sometimes despite the fact that the customer just was an idiot that didn’t know how to run the machine. He had to balance doing his job well on a technical level with actually being a good person in dealing with customers. Plus, he was on-call and had to respond when a customers machine broke, even if it wasn’t during “work hours.”
So, his job didn’t look like what I thought an engineers should look like.

Makes it kinda funny now. I always figured to be like Larry. To work in an office, and be the smart guy behind the desk, making the big money.

Turns out, I ended up being like Dad. And I’m quite proud of it.
Now I’m remembering his lessons well.
His customers knew him by name, and appreciated him. Sometimes we’d run into them somewhere random (like the Richland Mall…lol), and he’d have a conversation with them, asking about their kids’ sports teams and other stuff that mattered to them. They would know Josh and I’s names despite never meeting us. All cause he actually built a relationship with them.
He drove long distances, but didn’t complain about it. And he’d come home and be like “I was thinking about this as I was driving.” Now I totally understand how that works.
He was on call, cause if the machines stopped, work stopped. Now I see what it means, since I am on call, and when the machines stop, the lights go out.
He never worried about the fact that there may have been other opportunities to “make more money.” God had provided what we needed as a family. Sure, with a piece of paper, there may have been more money available, but through his work with Kodak, I learned a lot about being responible, having a good work ethic (something I’ll be honest, I can’t nearly live up to him, but I’m trying to improve), and doing your whole job well, both the technical and the relational.
Plus, his job with Kodak showed me how God takes care of us. They managed to keep him around through a major downturn in the microfilm market, just long enough for us to get through college and get through our biggest financial obstacles, and then lay him off. With the layoff coming right when he needed to become much more involved in the ministry.
Sure, finances got tight, but God provided through it all and pushed him right where he needed to be.

So, this is my post to say I’m proud to be following my dad’s footsteps as a field service engineer, and I’ll take the lessons I learned from watching him to heart.

Granted, I do have to be thankful that I get an even better employer than Kodak as now my only employer is God himself.

Maybe I could have saved this post for his birthday or father’s day or something, but I write what God teaches me when He teaches me, so here it is today, about halfway between those two

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New post, finally!

I’ll be honest, today just proved that I am my father’s son.
When Dad used to work for Kodak, he would drive all over the place to fix microfilm machines. Now, I’m the field service engineer. lol.
Another thing we have in common, though, is that the time spent by ourselves in the car ends up being a great time with God and for hashing out thoughts. Josh also follows in this trait, so it’s always an interesting time to talk with one of us after a road trip.

Today, I was driving for 5 hours. It made for a lot of thinking.

And it came with some hard lessons.
My original plan for this week was to leave Jacmel on Monday to head north. Instead, I stayed in Jacmel, for various reasons. One of them was cause I lost my cell phone, which made arranging all my work for the week nearly impossible.
But, if I’m honest, I think the biggest thing was that I didn’t want to leave Jacmel. I am comfortable there. I am part of the Mangine family. I am part of church on the beach. I don’t want to miss a dance/poker night, or a trip to the beach.
However, I needed to leave today. In fact, I probably needed to leave Jacmel on Monday. If I had, I wouldn’t be looking back in hindsight recognizing a lesson to apply later.

I’m realizing that I can easily get too comfortable, and become content with that, rather than seeking each day to glorify God as much as possible. And really, that is my overall purpose for life.
I wasn’t doing anything wrong being in Jacmel. I was spending time, building relationships that I know are very important. But, I also need to honor the commitments I have made, and to show Christ to all who are around. This week is a chance to show several other organizations and many people that God is a God who provides for their needs, sometimes in weird ways, like a random U.S. ex-pat who can come try to fix an inverter.
In Haiti, as is also pretty much true in the states, people know human nature well enough to take a “I’ll believe it when I see it” type of attitude. Many things are promised, few are delivered. Therefore, to bring God glory, I must deliver when I say I am coming to help.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to leave Jacmel this morning. That’s why I left around 9:30am instead of the 7am that I had planned. It cost me a couple hours of work today.
I can’t get that back, but I can remember the motivation He has put into my life and my work.
Each day, I must rise asking the question, “How can I bring Him the most glory?”

I’m not saying I have to be a workaholic. In fact, there will be days when He will get the most glory out of a “Sabbath”. Imagine that. But even on those days, I must be intentional in my actions, to take a day of rest out of desire for Him, and not out of my own laziness, which has quite the habit of creeping in when I get comfortable.

So, for today, I ask for you to pray for me, that each day my strength and desire will be renewed to bring God as much glory as possible. And I hope you will pray the same for yourselves.
The warning, again, is that this prayer, if said in earnest, could cost you comfort. Because sometimes, like today, I would have been more comfortable to stay with my “family” in Jacmel and work on a few little projects down there, but that is not what He desires of me right now.
So, step up, pray with me, and be ready to accept whatever challenge He will throw at you. The other realization is that for Him to get the most glory, He’s gonna put you in a position where He is needed to complete a job, and you are insufficient to do it yourself. Otherwise, you can take all the glory.
So, look for his guidance, and look for his assistance. He’ll be with you.


Please pray for:
-Pertti and Heidi Soderlund, and the leadership of their organization in Uganda as they are having their annual meetings
-Josh, as he’s applying a lot of lessons God has been teaching him.
-Chris and Maria, as they are now engaged. ๐Ÿ™‚
-Brian and Kayla, as they are too. ๐Ÿ™‚
-Megan, as she is facing a big transistion of moving home to the U.S. from Haiti
-CCHI and Children’s Hope, as they are dealing with land issues

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Today I’m sitting at the Mangine’s house, my new home away from home.
I don’t live here, but this is my family.
Yesterday, I realized it when I was hanging out here, while Nick and Gwenn weren’t

around, and yet their kids came up to ask me questions, or for Nia to show off her wallet

she had just made.
I love being a part of this family.

But today is a hard day for me.
I am struggling, but I don’t know why.
I find myself restless, but lacking the energy to do something, and I realize a bit about

my recent days.
I haven’t been looking around at what God is doing, and where He is showing himself in

each day. I haven’t been reflecting on His glory, for that is where I find my strength.

It certainly isn’t a case of Him not showing up. It’s just one of me not stopping for

long enough to take notice, which seems odd when this week has been more of relaxation

and recovery than hard work. But, it makes sense when I completely surround myself with

people all day long.

Sometimes I need to retreat, to find time with Him who sent me, to restore my soul and

bask in his presence.

He has allowed great things to be happening here, and I am thankful to be a part of it.
I know that He has allowed me to be a part of the bible study with our men from church on

the beach, and that the cookout last night for the 4th of July was a great time of

fellowship and building of our community. I know that He is continuing to take care of

me, and is giving me peace as I look around and get overcome by the amount of work that

is yet to be done.

And now, I ask that you pray for me, as I am struggling to get the traction to keep

moving forward. The work orders pile up faster than I can keep up. I want to honor every

commitment I make for His glory, I don’t want to say “no” to someone in need, and I want

to do everything to the best of my ability, and yet, I get overwhelmed, knowing that

there is so much to do.

I am also still seeking out my “residence” here, as I have too many unsettled questions

about land and containers and all right now. I am looking at options to rent a house,

especially with some friends here in Jacmel, but still seeking God’s direction on it.

On the bright side, I have figured out some of my “furlough” information. I’ll be coming

home in early August, and I’ll be the “missionary of the month” at Emmanuel the weekend

of August 12th. Then I plan to share more in depth about Haiti at Crucified on August

15th, and at Emmanuel on August 20th.

Then, I’ll be heading to Uganda on August 22nd to visit with Jamie Soderlund, and

hopefully Chris Schanter and the Angels of East Africa work. I’m happy for that, but must

stay focused on what is going on right now.

Which means, I need to get my details worked out for shipping in solar panels (the

shipping stuff is a pain in the butt), line up some electricians to work with me next

week as I travel north again, and figure out a time to get out west to work in Les Cayes


I’m getting tired of driving so much, but as long as there is a need, I need to keep

trying to keep up with it.
I have found my organizational skills lacking. I’m sure there are very few people

surprised by that, but it is something I am trying to work on.
It just means my calendar is filling up quickly.

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I’ve been busy working with “Be Like Brit” the past couple days.

Not gonna lie, getting onto their schedule is rough.
I’m not a morning person, but I was ready to go at 6am with their crew today. It worked

out pretty well I guess.

I’ve learned alot from their two electricians that are here, and they are great guys to

work with.
I’ve also had a great time working with the haitian crew. My Kreyol is ginally up to the

point that I can be involved in conversations throughout the day, and I found out that

many of the guys on our crew are from other parts of Haiti and came to Grand Goave for

work. Delvar and Judelyn are from Cap Haitien, and Plimo (as he wrote on his helmet) is

from La Goanave.

Many people still ask if I’m married or have kids, and while it used to annoy me, it

really has been a chance to share with them that everything in my life is about what God

has. I’m not married, cause He hasn’t brought that into my life yet, and if He had, then

maybe I wouldn’t have come to Haiti in the first place, and most likely I wouldn’t live

here now.
So, it ends up being a good testimony to how God works in our lives, even when it is

through not doing something.

I also got an email from Xantrex back today.
It was unexpected, and will start to redeem them quite well to be honest.
They sent my come good documentation to try to repair some of the broken inverters that I

am working on.
My current body count is 5 broken inverters (All Xantrex, cause it’s the most popular

company here, ie, the cheapest).
I had gotten to the point of simply referring people to other inverters, because Xantrex

usually recommends we take the broken ones to their repair facility in Port-Au-PRince,

except that no one has had a good experience with that facility. So, I figured I would at

least ask them to help me to repair the broken units for Mercy and Sharing, La Croix,

Greg’s house, and Militon. (Plus the one riding around in my truck that I picked up

broken from someone, I just don’t remember who.)

I look forward to working on these things. I just need to get my housing/workshop figured

out still.
On that front, I may have a lead.
I may not be renting land, at least not yet, because a friend of mine is renting a house

that is too big for their organization, meaning they have room. It could be a good fit,

so I’m praying about it now.

Anyhow, I have to get up early in the morning, so I’m off to bed now.
Good night and God Bless.

-Please pray for me, as I continue working this week, that I can minister to everyone on

the work crew with me.
-Please pray for Creation. This is an awesome week for spiritual growth to happen in many

ways. We pray knowing that God will show up and change lives, but pray specifically for

anyone you know attending that they will have a new revelation of His love and grace and

purpose for their lives.
-Please pray for Cherith. We had a great week in Haiti, and, as many people have

expressed, it can be a rough transtition back to the U.S. daily grind. Also pray for

Daniel as he is out of the country again, and is looking forward to getting back and

celebrating (a little late) their 10th anniversay. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Of course I post last night that I won’t be blogging much, and yet, tonight, God provides me with time. And honestly, some things that I need to say just to remind myself. Much of this is lessons I am learning, and that I need to continuously remind myself.

Here I sit, in La Croix, Haiti, up near Gonaives. I mistakenly called this trip to near Cap Haitien, mostly because I had no idea where I was going, or what I was doing, except that I knew God brought me here, through Cherith.

And now, I’m sitting on a roof, overlooking a 7000 Watt solar panel array as the sun goes down. God has indeed brought me here.
The work has been great. I am helping a contractor and, well, to be honest, Dave, with this work. I just put Dave in his own class, cause he was a teacher, and yet he’s done solar work in the states (3 installations), and he’s done a little of everything coming down to Haiti about 4 times a year for about 10 years. Kinda ridiculous actually.
I’ve learned quite a bit from him, and been able to help and teach them while we’re at it.
Tomorrow, we should finish installing this system, then it will just be a lot of testing to make sure it switches right, since we want it to automatically cycle from inverter to grid power, to starting the generator automatically, and go back and forth as needed.
It’s ambitious, but should be a great experience to see if we can get it to work here.

Additionally, I’ve gotten to share a bit with the group that is here.

But now, I just had to process a bit of what God has been doing in my life outside of the work.

I’m here, with Cherith, once again. She is most definitely my sister. I wish her husband, Dan, was here too, but he’s in Austrailia for work. Either way, it’s great to work with Cherith, and share this time with her. It reminds me how much God has provided for me.

He gave me a great family from birth. I am truly blessed to have my parents, and my brother, and my extended family, all of them. I have learned many lessons, and God has developed me through each of them in many different ways.
But, He has given me even more than that. He has always known that I needed more than just my family, and that I need family wherever I am. I never realized how far “where I am” would take me. I was content to stay in Johnstown, but He had other plans.

And when He lead me to Cedarville, He provided family there too. Cherith, Dan, Megan, Palmer, et al…
Truly, I never realized how much the Kennedy’s (Cherith and Dan) would become my family. I have been in both their families houses, worked with them in disaster relief, at the NICU waiting room, and the craziest wedding I have ever seen. We are family, and that got me through many things during college, and even now as I’m a vagabond.
I always talk about Cherith, but Dan is truly amazing as well. There are few people I will seek for advice on topics very close to my heart, and he is one of them. He was the one I called several months ago, as God was breaking me, and as I was hitting a deep point of depression. He provided some guidance, but helped me the most in seeking what God had for me, and just encouraging me through my struggles. So, I must thank him for that.

When I moved to North Carolina, God provided again, with the Corbins, and Joe, who became my family again. The Corbins showed me love and hospitality even when I didn’t really fit into the typical culture in Franklin, and God knew I needed it at that point.

And now, I am in Haiti. And God continues to provide. He has given me many people to work with, and to establish great friendships. I now have friends throughout the country, even ones I can call on when I have nothing to offer and only needs. God has truly provided.
I value each of these friendships deeply, but now God has provided my family in Haiti too. I realized that one of my definitions of family is the people who I can go to, no matter the condition. To that end, I know the Mangine’s are now my family, after the time last week when I showed up at their house, smelling terrible after a day’s work, and just walked in, with my clean clothes and a towel in hand, and stopped just long enough to “ask” if I could take a shower, knowing that I was already welcome.
God has blessed me with a great family here in Haiti, and I love them, even Piman (their dog) with all her slobber and ridiculous underbite.
I knew I made it into the family when Schneider (the baby) even started waving at me, and Nia (their daughter) invited me to stay anytime, knowing that I steal her room when I stay there.

So, I thank God for all He has provided for me.
**Aside: Thanks to Nick Mangine, who purchased a moto for me since I can’t own it myself. Yep, I have a Jailing 125cc, dirt bike style now…woot!**

And I am reminded of the song “Tis So Sweet” again.
“Jesus, Jesus, How I trust Him, How I’ve proved him O’er and O’er”
“Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, O for faith to trust Him more”

This song certainly rings through even more now, as God is providing my family down here, I would be lying if I didn’t add in that I would love to have the family for someone else to be a part of too. It’s great to keep adding brothers and sisters, but eventually a wife would be nice.

And God has shown glimpses of what could be.
He has revealed to me a model of what a godly woman looks like, someone who is actively seeking after Him and trying to grow deeper in her own faith, and trusting that God will provide. And I dare to say that sometimes it feels like a tease, when God shows what could be, only to say, “not now”, which is where I find myself.
My realization is that the only way I can find who God wants me to be with is to continue to follow Him wholeheartedly, and trust that He will provide.
So, it’s where I find myself.
I am sure glad that He has proved himself O’er and O’er.
He has provided for all my other needs in life, including when I needed families to “adopt” me, so now I have to look to Him again, and let Him lead and wait for Him to reveal his plans for my future. Knowing that He has proved all the while that He will show me just enough for today, because I can’t handle plans for further ahead than that.

It ain’t easy, but God is faithful. I have no idea how this will turn out.
I may end up single, as He is teaching me to be content again with that outcome, as hard as it is.
I may end up married, but only if He leads me there.
but, I may end up dead.
Either way, I’m with Him, and that is enough to keep me going strong.

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I’m overdue on posting a blog, I know, but this week will be difficult to do so.
I am working in La Croix with a group from Purcellville Baptist Church (Dan and Cherith’s

home church) and Cherith is here. Everybody has different tasks, but there is a strong

emphasis on evangelism in the midst of sports camps, medical clinics, and the guys that

are working on setting up their solar power system.

It’s been very productive so far, I would say we are ahead of schedule, so that is sweet.

However, it’s also been awesome because I’ve been able to share a lot of what God has

been teaching me. It has been a great time to really be “all here” while talking with

some of the youth from PBC, including many guys who are in Dan’s small group.

There is also a medical team here from the Pittsburgh area, including 3 med students who

went to, or are attending Pitt.

It’s been a great time to share with each of them some of the stories God has brought me

through, and some of the lessons I have learned about trying to live with faith as

demonstrated by the apostles.

It hasn’t been an easy week. I’ve had to struggle with trusting God for many things,

thought it is quite rewarding when He comes through with answered prayers, even if it is

just a simple email or facebook message.

I look forward to looking back on this week, but I won’t be writing much in the way of

blogs since I spend all my time working or with the team, and I feel bad to be sitting in

the dorm room working on my computer while everyone else is trying to sleep.

So, with that in mind, I sign off.
Good night and God Bless.

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So, for those of you following on here, I am ending my internet fast now, mostly.

I do want to share what God has been teaching me though (again, mostly).

Honestly, this was a greatly needed time for me, even if it was just a couple days.
I didn’t set out with an end in mind, but God has taught me several lessons and also put

a peace in my mind that now is the time to implement those lessons.

First, is that I must be “All Here”. Jim Elliot had a quote along the lines of “Wherever

you are, be All there”. I was not.
Thankfully, God was persistent in getting my attention, first through subtlety, and

finally through a good friend just calling it out.
This is not to say I was completely distracted, or that I was not doing good things.
Great things were being accomplished, but I found myself spending an inordinate amount of

time online, when there were discussions to be had right in front of my face.
This fits well with what Rick commented on my last post, that there are a lot of dumb

things that waste our time, which are not sinful themselves, but can pull us from a

higher purpost.
I love all of you reading this, but I must focus my attention most on the ministry

opportunities God is providing in my current setting. Now, that being said, it is

possible that I need to minister to someone who is further away, but those opportunities

will arise when there is nothing here that needs accomplished (like right now, when

everyone else is asleep, and I feel God has laid this on my heart to share).
Now I know this point that needs addressed, so I will attempt to improve my time

management and focus. One active step will be that I will stop following sports

obsessively. Now, I do have one request. If someone could please let me know if something

interesting ACTUALLY happens, it’d be nice, and I’ll read an article. If the Penguins

ACTUALLY trade Jordan Staal, that is newsworthy, but I should not be wasting my time on

reading about possible trade destinations, et al.

Second, he’s got plenty for me to do here, so I’m here for a while. There are people that

need me, and there are people I need. Haiti is my closest thing to Home now. I still live

with the feeling that I am not Home yet, but this is where I belong in this time.

Ok, now on practical notes:
(1) Greg, who runs Tina’s boys’ home (orphan care facility), now has solar power thanks

to the donation from Dr. Clayton. Yesterday I was able to help get that system installed.
(2) HAF-Jacmel now has some partial solar power. They had solar panels that are supposed

to run a water pump, which is currently broken. So, I retasked the panels for now to help

supply power to the Mulligan’s House.
(3) While I haven’t found a place to put my containers, and therefore, store my stuff

yet. It worked out well today, as Gayly needed to borrow my stick welder, and HAF-Jacmel

is using my table saw, both of which would have beenin storage. ๐Ÿ™‚
(4) Throughout this fast, God has presented me with great opportunities to share the

faith He has put in my heart with other people that are around.
(5) I’m buying a moto.

Help Wanted:
(6) More work is coming up. I could probably use some professional electrical help in the

near future if you know any electrician’s looking to make a trip. We would work side by

side with haitians, using the time to train them in best practices.
(7) I’m thinking about righting up a business plan to get backers for the idea of

Financing solar installations. If someone is more interested in helping out, please let

me know. This could potentially include starting a 501(c)3 that is affiliated with F1,

but seperate.

Supplies Needed:
-Auto-Darkening Welding Masks (anythign but the cheapest mask at Harbor Freight. Even the

blue flames one works better than the cheap one. The flames one is what Gayly is using,

and it’s fine, but the cheaper one fell apart on me)
-Standard Computer Fans (120mm I believe) with a 3-pin connector (+, Gnd, and Tach,

though I’m not sure of the pin order, probably whatever is standard)
-Guitar Strings (Elixir, Light Acoustic (.012))
-Guitar Picks (Orange (light), prefer Everly Star, but anything is fine)

-Jamie, strength and direction
-Nick and Gwenn, peace, strength
-All Long Term Missionaries – Strength through “short term missions” season
-Me, traveling safety as I’m heading up north this week
-Me, that this solar panel order would finally get the shipping worked out
-Me, land to put the house/workshop on

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Refraining from eating food. The Bible describes three main forms of fasting: 1)

The Normal Fast, involving the total abstinence of food. Luke 4:2 reveals that Jesus โ€œdid

eat nothing.โ€ Afterwards โ€œHe was hungered.โ€ Jesus abstained from food but not from water.

2) In Acts 9:9 we read of an Absolute Fast where for three days He โ€œneither did eat nor

drink.โ€ The abstinence from both food and water seems to have lasted no more than three

days (Ezra 10:6; Esther 4:16). 3) The Partial Fastโ€”in Daniel 10:3 the emphasis is upon

the restriction of diet rather than complete abstinence. The context implies that there

were physical benefits resulting from this partial fast. However, this verse indicates

that there was a revelation given to Daniel as a result of this time of fasting.
Fasting is the laying aside of food for a period of time when the believer is

seeking to know God in a deeper experience. It is to be done as an act before God in the

privacy of one’s own pursuit of God (Exodus 34:28; 1 Samuel 7:6; 1 Kings 19:8; Matthew

Fasting is to be done with the object of seeking to know God in a deeper

experience (Isaiah 58:1; Zechariah 7:5). Fasting relates to a time of confession (Psalms

69:10). Fasting can be a time of seeking a deeper prayer experience and drawing near to

God in prevailing prayer (Ezra 8:23; Joel 2:12). The early church often fasted in seeking

God’s will for leadership in the local church (Acts 13:2). When the early church wanted

to know the mind of God, there was a time of prayer and fasting.

Today is not the first time fasting has some to my mind whie in Haiti.
God is continually calling me closer to Him, and in many cases, it requires me to lay

things at his feet.
Sometimes, this has been a fast of food, for various reasons.
For some times, it was to simply understand Him as my source of sustainance.
Others, it was to physically lay myself in His hands as I was seeking His will.

Fast’s go for different lengths, and usually I specify up front a length, to hold myself

accountable to God for that time.

However, the topic of fasting today comes up with slightly different context.
First, I have realized that while I am attempting to be “fully here”, meaning that I am

fully immersed in the ministry God has placed in front of me, I have been spending way

too much time on the internet. I know how the Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, and even the

NBA and NHL playoffs are going. I am trolling facebook more than even when I am in the

This needs to change. I am here because God has brought me here. I must be focused on


Second, while God has provided unique opportunities in my life, they are only available

through Him, and, as Abraham was willing to give up Isaac, I must be able to lay down

everything God has given me, even the best things, at His feet as a sacrifice.
I have to sort this out a bit, and spend some time fasting for this.

Third, this fast has an undefined length. I must seek God until He has completed this

work in me, whatever it may be.

Finally, as you may have guessed, this fast is from the internet. I will not be online

(with the exception work-related email) until further notice.

I will write blogs, but they will wait to be posted until I return, as was the custom

when I didn’t have good internet access.

God Bless.

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