Back in Haiti!
Back in Grand Goave with MOHI (Mission of Hope International).

It was an awesome trip down to say the least.

My flight from D.C. to Miami was boarding when I realized that Stacie Tippet, a Hands and Feet Staff member from Jacmel, was on the same flight as me. That was awesome cause it was also an empty flight so we sat by each other and caught up a bit from the past few months of ministry.

She was also on my flight from MIA-PAP but we couldn’t get adjacent seats. However, we were able to work together to get her in a taxi to the little airport and me in a taxi to Grand Goave.

Even more surprising, I ended up at gate D24 for a 10:00am flight from Miami, and Dan and Cherith Kennedy were flying from D25 at 9:55am for their church’s mission trip to Guatemala.
If I had one regret from this trip home, it was that I never got to hang out with these two. They are amazing people, and I consider them family. It was great that God worked out our travel schedules so we could see each other before we left.

Now that I’m back, the most exciting news is that my truck is here!
Pictures will be coming as soon as I borrow a camera. I didn’t bring one on this trip cause I was out of space in my luggage after packing electrical supplies.
I spent all day today reorganizing things. I am so excited about all the stuff in here, though I may need a storage depot at some point too. 🙂
It’s a great problem to have.
My truck has “assurance” already, which is the paperwork that got the Montero screwed up last February. Now I just need to get the license plate on it.
Once I do that, I will head to Jacmel to install an inverter and solar panels for Madame Bonite. Then I will go to HAF-Jacmel to install their generator wire.
Then, I will be off to Les Cayes to fix a BUV and figure out some electrical issues.
Then, Lord willing, I will be back to Grand Goave, where I hope to install the rest of their solar panels at the guest house. Install the new batteries I brought down in the truck at the guest house, and, if all goes right, maybe fix the broken inverter and put that at the guest house too.

Words can’t express my joy in having the tools and vehicle available to me down here. I must praise God for allowing all of it to come together, and thank my parents and friends for all their hard work in packing this thing up.

Also, once again, thank you to Bantly Hardware in Dale for all their help with getting supplies for here, and Jeff Blue from up at Lowe’s.

God Bless.

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