So, tomorrow I head to Port-Au-Prince to house sit for Hands and Feet.
It is a sad day cause this group from Akron has been awesome to hang out with, and the additional 3 people from Akron coming tomorrow are awesome as well.
But, Michelle is leaving today to go to her nephew’s graduation, so I need to be up there most of the time this coming week.

In truck news, the title has not come in yet for the truck, and I need to get a used transmission, a chevy “turbo 400” for Pastor Lex’s truck down here before I can ship my truck.
I do not know the exact problems with his truck, and I just know he said he needs this transmission, so if you have any idea where to get one, please contact my dad. It can be anywhere around Johnstown, or en route to Miami, FL.
We should have the title on monday, and if we can get the transmission en route, or early monday, we could still get the truck to Miami to catch the next boat over here. It needs to be in miami on Tuesday for that.

Things are going well here though. It’s been a great weekend, with a lot of good work getting done.

Hands and Feet is moving along very well with their temporary orphange in Grand Goave. And their Jacmel facility is looking into solar power, so I will be working up a proposal for them.

I have projects lined up with several organizations, and as a result of the Our Town article have several exciting new contacts.
One is an electrician, another a mechanical engineer, and the third is a professor from Ohio State. The first two want to help in Haiti, and the third wants me to share information with his class.

Anyhow, that’s all for today.
If you’re around Johnstown, go to Highland Park. Crucified is hanging out there all afternoon with a grill out and capping with a worship service this evening.

God Bless.

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