23July12 – Thanks for keeping up with me


Update on my project list:

The funniest part of my list, is that it is overwhelming,

and yet more things come up each day to keep adding to it

Priorities are always shifting, but at least I had some

things set that I knew I really needed to accomplish.

I did work on getting the solar panels, and that is moving

forward again. Plus, I got my phone numbers replenished, got

a plane ticket booked, and talked to Nick about land.

But it’s always the less expected things that are awesome


Today, for example, one of my favorite times was when Josiah

(one of the Mangine kids) came up to me with a book and

asked me to read it to him. I enjoyed that, and I consider

it a great use of time.
I also joined a meeting with Nick and Dave Bird to work on a

cost estimate for the new Joy in Hope house. Turns out my

input can be helpful, and it’s certainly educational to

actually hear from an architect’s perspective as I’m trying

to learn about good building practices.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish up a battery rack for up in Leogane,

and get out to Kabic to try to fix an inverter, and, if it

works with Craig’s schedule (if?), open a bank account down

here as part of the residency permit process.

For those back in the states, can anyone recommend me the

best way to get a background check? I know I’ve had them

before working in youth ministry and for work, but I don’t

know if I have documentation around. Any thoughts?

I also got to worship with the crew from Hands and Feet,

including Will, Andrea, and Stacie, who I haven’t seen in a

long time. So that was awesome.

And church on the beach was great this week. We had a bunch

of short termers, plus our core crew of missionaries. It was

awesome. A lot of the talk was about how we need to stay

focued on our true goal, which is Christ and Him alone.

“Failures” in day to day life are pretty expected. In

worldly terms, Christ only managed 3 years of ministry

before He was killed by the very people He was ministering

too. However, it is the eternal impact which is important.

And His eternal impact was victory. We must work each day

with an eye on the eternal, rather than just on the “work”

of the day and whether it was succesful from a worldly


I also was reading through the book of Acts again. And I was

in Acts 4 again.
I love Acts 4:29-31
29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your

servants to speak your word with great boldness. 30 Stretch

out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through

the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was

shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and

spoke the word of God boldly.

Down here, many people are still very much scared of voodoo,

and will admit that they believe people can be turned into

animals, or otherwise cursed.
Here’s the thing. The spiritual world does exist, and I am

fairly confident that these voodoo priests have done

supernatural things that have brought everyone to this point

of fear.
Why are the christians not countering? Why is the Holy

Spirit not showing up with even more power?
We are not here to say that voodoo is false. If anything, we

are here to acknowledge that, yes, the supernatural exists,

now get on the side of the ultimate power, and know Him who

has conquered all.
Voodoo is our equivalent to the prophets of Baal, and others

who worship the demonic activity. We can acknowledge that it

exists, and typically we must, but only within the

realization that it holds no power in the light of the power

of Jehovah.

So, my prayer for the week (and for my life) is that we

would be a people through whom God can show up and do

miraculous things that all may see His power.

In addition, this week, I will be trying to finish up

several jobs in Grand Goave, Leogane, and Archaie. Please

pray for my travel.
Last trip to Gonaives, I lost the mirror on the driver’s

door of my truck. It only cost $12 to replace, but still,

it’s another realization that (a) driving is dangerous here,

and (b) I thank God for his protection to this point.
Those of you that know me well will recognize that I don’t

pray for safety, and this is the case again. Pray instead

that my truck will get me where He needs me to be, even if

that place is heaven. I don’t pray for safety, because I am

safe already, I am with Him.
I don’t want a fatal accident to be seen as anything but Him

taking me where I truly needed to be. Instead, let us be

honest in our prayers.

Other prayer requests:
-direction for friends here:
– Patrick (Children’s Hope) has finished an internship and

is now heading back to the states after 8 weeks here and has

decisions to make regarding continuing ministry school, and

current involvement in ministry, and where all this should

– Stacie (HAF) – direction for ministry in her life too
– Emily (SurfHaiti) – direction for ministry

-quite a few people have relationships that could use prayer
-pray that all will seek God first, and follow where He

would lead for each of these relationships.

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