Tonight, I’m hanging at my friend Cherith’s house with my family.
Tomorrow morning, I head to DCA around 4am, til I finally get to Haiti around 2pm.

I’m pretty stoked. God’s got a lot going on now, and I look forward to seeing what all happens during this trip.

Please be praying for me, as some of these plans include:
-building a house/workshop in the jacmel area, once I find a place to put it
-helping lead worship at “church on the beach”, which is going great.
-starting my electrician’s training programs, including solar installation.
-installing solar power for other churches, orphanages, and other people in need.

The big step with that is to start installing stuff on a “payment plan” basis since I will be getting in a large shipment of panels and want to get them in use quickly. This way, ministries can end up with the long term savings of renewable energy, while maintaining their current power bill. It’s a good concept, now I just have to figure out the logistics. lol.

God Bless.

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