24 Feb12


I’m back in Grand Goave today.
Made my way up here in a caravan with Dr. Jay’s team that was heading to the airport.
It was a great week in Les Cayes, though I’m a bit tired now.

Project completed:
(1) 1000′ Trench dug, with 3″ water line placed and electrical conduit carrying a #6 supply line and a #10 supply line.
(2) Permanent canopy area created for future team on the south side of the white container.
(3) The lister diesel engine is working properly now. The generator unit still needs issues resolved, but at least the engine is running right.
(4) New shelves were built and installed in the white container.
(5) New school desks were built.
(6) 2 new tables were built
(7) The wood in the attic of the clinic was organized and moved to more appropriate places.
(8) The small BUV is up and running with a newly built bed.
(9) Plywood was installed on the south side of the white container, and stucco’d, for testing purposes.
(10) Much of the property was cleared and leveled.
(11) A road has been established through the new property
(12) Foundations were dug and poured for the first containers to be placed.
(13) The septic tank hole was dug.
(14) We resurveyed the land.
(15) Figured out what brake rotos I need in my truck and got them ordered.

So, all in all, it was a busy week.

We also had some stuff stolen from the house one night, including my cell phone. That is rather sad times, but it was likely just an opportunistic burgler paying attention to the neighborhood since it was karnaval week in les cayes and there were a lot of extra people in town.

This week was a great reminder of how well we can work together with the haitians to accomplish amazing things. I missed a day and a half of work because I was sick.
We broke 1 BUV completely and had to completely rebuild one as well.
However, our 50 hired workers kept pressing on and did a great job.

It was also a great reminder of being resourceful. We used Oxen to help us dig the 1000′ trench. They would break the soil with a plow, and we would follow with shovels and clear it out, then they would come back for another pass.

Management of the workers was better administered than before. Lunchtime was smooth and organized.

And then, surprisingly, the workers made a request of us. They wanted paid less, so we could hire more people. We wanted to make sure this was a consensus, so we asked at lunch, and as soon as Smiley finished talking, the whole room burst out in applause.
Gotta admit, I was surprised.
As Jim, who is a manager at a large chain of stores, stated, it was quite different than an american mindset. He is about to engage in a round of collective bargaining sessions with a union and can’t see any way that people would take a paycut to ensure more jobs.
So, in response, we are changing from 50 workers @ $50 each to 62 workers at $40 each next trip.

I’ve also been realizing again at the importance of my faith in everything. The more time I spend with God, and the closer I stay to Him, the better life is.
When I spend several days ignoring him, typically out of business, I find myself getting frustrated and easily upset. I also tend to be more likely to lose interest in work, or get tired and hungry.
He truly is my supply and all that I need, I just need to remember that.

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