It’s been a good day in Grand Goave.
Jude has come to join me for a bit. I called him last night after I discovered electrical problems at the Mission of Hope Guest House.

Today I’ve been working on plumbing and electrical problems with Jude, Delvar, and Judelyn Delvar. Delvar speaks some english and is the primary electrician around Mission of Hope. Judelyn speaks very little english, but he is Delvar’s cousin and is eager to learn more about electricians work.

I will start a little class with them this afternoon to teach them about power and solar panels, but for now, we are learning how to get things wired up to a better electrical standard. I can’t make any promises, but hopefully this training will make them appealing for work with Hands and Feet and Be Like Brit as they are building orphanage in the area.

I was sad to say goodbye to the 6 people that just left from Akron. They were a great team and I have made more great friends from that group.
However, in their leaving, Kim, Becca, and Abby also came from Akron so we only lost 3 people overall. We’ve still got 11 of us hanging around the guest house taking care of random projects.

Today the girls cleaning up the depot had a little fun when they found a pretty reasonable size crab in the wood pile. Suffice to say that this thing was pretty lost cause it was pretty far from the water. It had a blue color to it and it’s body was about the size of my fist with legs coming out.
One of the ladies that works at the beach property was very excited when I said I didn’t want it and that she could have it if she wanted. I didn’t really think about it, but Angela reminded me that Pastor Lex might be mad at me cause he may be jealous that he didn’t get it. 🙂

Anyhow, I have to get back to fixing the plumbing at the guest house before we have to fill the tanks again, and then I will check back in to see if my electricians are finished before we start out class.

God Bless.

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