For some reason, this trip feels like my first 3 month trip back in January, 2011.
I think there are several reasons.
First, I was home for a rather long period of time. Everyone got used to having me

around, so it’s harder for me to leave again.
Second, I think it’s all the talk of the fact that I am getting ready to build a

house down here.

It makes it all feel like this is a big, significant trip, instead of the typical 3-

month stint. Mom, Dad, and Josh all came down to DC with me, and we stayed at Cherith

and Dan’s last night.
It made for a good send-off, capped by a welcome wakeup call from Jamie down in


Now, I’m sitting in the floor, charging my computer in Reagan National Airport.

Maybe the truth of why this seems like a big trip is that it is.

Some of the goals of this trip are:

-Find land and start building a house/workshop.
-Start my electrician education classes in earnest
-Continue to build up the community of “Church on the Beach”, where we now have a

pavilion on the beach-front property of Joy in Hope to host our weekly worship time.
-Purchase and ship in an entire pallet of solar panels.
-Use these panels to help many organizations get better power
-Use these jobs to train my haitian apprentices
-Use these panels to test a financing plan, where the recipient organization simply

pays off the panels at the same rate that they used to spend money on diesel and

generator maintenance. That way, it never changes their budget, until the point down

the road where they pass the break even mark and the payments end.

It’s going to be an exciting time.
I’ve also got short trips up to Cap Haitien area to work on solar panels for a health

a week long trip up north to work with purcellville church, including cherith,
finally returning to archaie to fix the welding unit for children’s lifeline,
and many other projects.

Please keep all of these in your prayers.

God Bless.

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