Exciting week this week. Pretty much nothing that was expected, but good. I’ll give you that update in a later post, as there’s too much ground to cover all at once.

First, a little update on last week, and, as promised, a picture of the truck as it is now. Unloaded, save for the toolbox that I will permanently keep in the back, and with the decals removed.
We’re still awaiting the final paperwork and license plate, but I can drive it around town just fine already.


We also finished up the back wall of the property, so here’s a picture from the outside.

And, we prayed over the land with Jamie’s parents, and anointed the container, as well as the back wall, and the gate, that God would extend his protection over this place, and that his spirit would dwell in this place, so people may come to know Him.


So, things have been going pretty well with the workshop.
I’ve been creating a “retaining wall” of sorts for where we will add fill dirt prior to putting in a concrete driveway. Also, we have a lead on another container, so keep that in your prayers. It seems that it is pretty solid, but things in Haiti are never as solid as they appear.

I also got to visit with Jude last week, and he only has 3 months of school left in Port Au Prince for his electrical engineering education. After that, if he doesn’t have another job offer, I want him to come to Jacmel to work with me for a bit. Then, I can see what they taught him, and train him more on what I know.
Sadly, I currently don’t have a budget to hire him, so I’m not sure how long I can keep him here, because I know he needs to take any paying job he can get to support his family.

Please continue to pray for wisdom, as I try to keep moving forward at the most important things, and putting aside what can wait til later.

God Bless.

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