24May2012 – Post 2


It’s been an interesting travel day so far.
Not enough sleep, by choice, to start the whole affair. Mostly due to the fact that I will choose people over sleep, especially when my time is limited.
Last night was a great time to talk with my family, since my mom, dad, and brother all drove down to DC with me, as well as Cherith (whose house we stayed at), and on the phone with Megan and Jamie.

Then I got to Reagan National this morning.
First, they told me my first flight was delayed, going to Newark.
As a result, my 1.5 hours layover was now 30 mins. They offered to rebook me on American Airlines, but then I would not be in first class, and more importantly, would have to pay oversize fees on all 3 of my bags, totalling about $250.
(btw, I love the fact that God provided first class for this. I just see it as another way that He shows up in unexpected ways. I would never book 1st class for myself, but since my “brother” Dan has gold status, he was able to hook me up, and I got to bring an extra 110 lbs of luggage, including stuff to meet needs at Joy in Hope, HAF, and Church on the Beach)

So, I stuck with United, and figured I would just run through Newark.
Then, they didn’t want to let me fly to Haiti without confirmation of a return airline reservation, which I don’t have.
I know my plans are to return to the U.S. before August 13th to speak at Emmanuel Baptist, but I do not want to book a ticket yet because I don’t know what my plans hold until then. Plus, I already learned my lesson last time that changing flights is a royal pain.

Finally, I got my tickets printed, and went through security, with the predicted baggage search. I don’t get upset at these, especially anymore. I carry weird stuff with me.
This time, the guy at the xray machine looks up at me and says “Is that a motorcycle helmet?”
To which, the answer is, yes. Why not? 🙂
He also though the assortment of XLR and 1/4″ cable ends, 3 electricians pouches, and alan wrenches were odd to take in a carry-on…lol.

The flight to Newark was uneventful. It was a bit bumpy, but I was actually smiling about it. I had started reading “The Autobiography of George Muller” while in the airport and on the flight, and have been looking very much at my faith and how to respond to things.
A peace was on me, so when the plane experienced a lot of turbulence, I just smiled and though, “Ok, God, if you want me, take me. If not, let’s have some fun”
Then I started laying the travel plans down to Him.
So, peace came over me on that too. If I missed my connection and got stuck in Newark, then there would be a reason, and He would show me that reason.
With newfound confidence, and significantly less anxiety, I made my way across Newark airport in 20 mins, realizing now that I saw a map that I had about the furthest connection possible.
However, I made it in plenty of time, despite talking on the phone the whole time while walking at a brisk pace.

Now, I’m back to reading about Muller on the plane to Haiti.

This book has been very challenging. First, there is an emphasis on prayer. This is nothing new to me, but it is refreshing to hear someone I respect so much saying:
“The last three days I have had very little real communion with God, and have therefore been irritable and weak spiritually.”
It’s just nice to know that I’m not alone when I fall back sometimes and it shows throughout my life.
Second, this book is challenging me to put it down. Muller was a remarkable man of faith, yet his personal library was only about 14 books, including simply bibles in multiple languages, a concordance, and 1-2 commentaries. He choose simply to completely delve into scripture, rather than reading the words of other men sharing their thoughts on scripture.
I’ve been lacking in that regard. I have been reading too many other books and not enough of God’s word.

Now, there are many more lessons, some I may share on here, many I will not. Mostly because I have turned down the corners on over a third of the pages I have read.
This is causing serious reflection on even my level of faith. Some days, I feel I have come very far and grown very much, but in hearing of what God is capable of, I realize I have only scratched the surface.
I live only by God’s provision, and yet I have a safety net.
While Muller talked of days when he had only 1 shilling left for him and his wife until they prayed and God provided.

I guess one other thought on my mind is that he did this while married, and with kids of his own. And then he built orphan houses.

Most people, including myself, look at my current lifestyle and conclude that much of what I am able to do is due to my singleness. I even tend to concede that my lifestyle will change when I am married and have to be responsible for my family.
However, that seems foolish to me now. If God is providing for me, He will also provide for my family. Heck, first I just have to trust that He will provide me a family at all.
But now I realize that I can’t go back to be self-sufficient. God is my provision.

And to be honest, it makes me reflect on the recent interview in WJAC again, and realize that next time I am interviewed, I must insist that I am heard properly.
I do not receive my support through facebook, but by a God who is omnipotent and chooses to provide for my needs. It seems little, but it is a difference between ME accomplishing something and GOD accomplishing something, and everything I do, I am striving to bring Him glory.

So, I’m back to where I’ve been, my life verse remains the same.
Just as Josh always ends up returning to Galatian 2:20.
I am back to Colossians 3:17.
Whatsoever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving glory to God the Father through Him.

**posted while riding through PA P in my truck….yay for the Natcom drive working 🙂

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