I’m exhausted right now. Been an

interesting day though.

As many of you have seen on

Facebook, I had a pretty sweet

thanksgiving. A fellow

missionary and I were given a

turkey and all the fixins from

some friends who had gone

stateside recently. Nick and I

managed to cook it all up and

have a wonderful thanksgiving

dinner with his kids at the

orphanage for Joy in Hope.

It really was a great day.

Then, today, I went down to

visit Sarah, Amanda, Patrick,

and Gayly from Olive Tree

Projects to investigate their

security and make

recommendations. As it turns

out, they seem to be doing

fairly well. My basis of

judgement is always how

difficult I think it would be

for me to break it, and I think

that place would be hard,

especially with their armed

guard around.
It was also sweet though, that

Gayly wants to work with me down

here. He wants to learn a bit

with what I’m doing, so I’m

pretty excited to have a haitian

working with me who is also a

good translator.
We went up to Dr. Ken’s place

and measured out the windows to

make bars to put over them.

Then, it started raining. So, we

went back to HAF to continue our

work under a tin roof. So far,

they’re coming together well.

Before lunch tomorrow, we should

have the outer frames of these

things finished, so I can

evaluate them in place and make

sure we haven’t screwed any up

too badly. 🙂
The hard part will be attaching

them to the existing concrete

wall. Window bars are much

easier to install on new

contruction. However, I have

talked it over with Boss Otis

from Hands and Feet and an

confident we can do it easily

enough. Though I may have to

learn how to patch concrete in

the process.

In other news, I have a decision

to make tonight.
I could potentially pick up the

two rottweiler puppies tomorrow

in PAP, but I will have to delay

putting the bars on the windows.

I’m working on the idea right

now, trying to decide what to


Anyhow, that’s about it for

tonight. I’m probably going to

go crash soon unless I get ahold

of Dr. Clayton.
I have some Artemesia to give

him from our agriculture

projects in Les Cayes. He would

then be our first clinic in

Haiti to actually test it for

us, though we’re pretty

confident since there has been a

lot of research on it already.

And, Dr. Ken says that many

countries already use it a lot,

but the U.S. FDA has not

approved it, so that is why it

is not available to us.

God Bless.

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