It must be Tuesday somewhere. lol.
Everything goes wrong on Tuesdays.
Came out of the house after breakfast to a broken passenger side mirror, almost got it

fixed, then it broke even more.
EDH (Power Company) power has been out since the storm yesterday, so the batteries are

dead, and I have no power at the house.
Borrowed a cordless DeWalt from Child Hope, only to have the battery die on me before I

could make the cart to move the generator.
lol. Just living the dream.

BUT, among all of that, I have simply decided that today will be the day of rest.

Typically, that is Sunday, but not this week.
Tomorrow morning, Pastor Lex will come out to visit the house, then we will both head to

the airport to meet up with Maggie from Akron when she arrives.

Then I will head to Grand Goave for the night. Monday morning Yves and I will head out to

Cayes to pick up tools in Savanette and try to fix the inverter system at the MIA guest

Tuesday, we will come back to Port and start working again.

Also, in exciting news, got to talk with my family today for a while. I don’t call often

cause it’s expensive, but still good to hear their voices. Mom and Dad are getting settled

in at their new house (gram’s old house), and things are going well with the church. Sauce

and Nate are working well with Josh to get things moving there.
Plus, Rullo and Josh are talking about coming down to help out here for a week. That would

be awesome. It’s a pretty chill place here and I could use a few more sets of hands.

I may just take the rest of the day off here to enjoy a Sabbath rest. That’s a really good

idea I think, so I will make it happen.

Thanks for keeping up with this adventure God has placed me in the middle of.

God Bless.

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