Today, I went up to St. Etienne to church.
Pastor Hakine (who also works as a driver for Mission of Hope), asked me through Ricardo to share ealier in the week. I told Ricardo that was fine, but make sure there was a translator there as I am not comfortable enough with my Kreyol yet.
Sure enough, I got to church and was the only one who could speak english. 🙂

Anyhow, I kept it short, but shared that if we are to know what God would have us do, we must be praying. And I asked their church to join Crucified Ministries back home in a weekend filled with prayer.
They seemed to respond well, so I guess my Kreyol, while childish, is not incomprehensible.

Also, I finally put gas in my truck today. It has been dreadfully low since I got here, but the local station has not had gasoline. So, I struck out for St. Etienne, hoping to make it to another station en route. And I did, where I put $75 into the tank, and ended up with about a third of a tank. Pa Bon. (Not Good).
Ehh, God will provide. I’ve got enough to keep going, and that is all I ever need.

God Bless.

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