Man, it’s great to see progress.

As of today, while there are still kinks to work out, a community

water distribution system is up and running.

The system has 2 wells, located 1/2 mile apart, one at the Brad

Reddick School, the other at an orphanage we work with.

The orphanage well is 70 ft deep, and pumps directly from the

power of 420 Watts of solar panels. The panels are mounted

directly on top of a 40 ft tall water reservoir that can hold

about 7500 gallons in the elevated reservoir, and another 5000

gallons in a ground level section.

The school well is 200 ft deep, with a pump run on either (a)

direct solar power, (b) battery stored power and an inverter, (c)

our Lister Diesel Generator, or (d) our portable gasonline


Both wells are tied together in a 3 mile long underground line,

with public access spigots every 200 yards or so.

Additionally, this water will feed the agricultural training area

at the school. Our agronomist, Pierre, will be raising crops, and

teaching others how to do so themselves.
We will also provide taps off the community main line for multi-

family farming plots as the need arises.

Both wells have tested clean and safe, typical for their depth.

Tomorrow, we will install more solar panels at the school, and

make sure our plumber, diesel mechanic, electrician, and

maintenance man all know how to keep things up and running.

Prayer Requests:
-Community Relations here in Haiti.
-sometimes it’s the basic things that get complicated.

whether it’s one laborer stealing from another, someone getting

jealous cause we didn’t hire them, or even jealousy among team

members over who is in charge, we just need to keep that in


God Bless.

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