Sorry it has been so long since I posted.
As I mentioned before, I end up not thinking or processing as

much when there are more people around. It was always nice to

have time in Grand Goave for that, but it is great to have so

many good people around here in Jacmel as well.

Dr. Pierce, his wife, Diane, and daughter, Emily, have been gone

this past week, and are coming back to Haiti tomorrow. They had

to renew their visas, so they went to visit some family in

Instead, this week we had Bob and Jeanette Herdman, and they

brought in Steven and Carrie Mulligan (who will be moving to

Jacmel as missionaries sometime down the road), Kendra Harrel

(the newest intern, she is here for 3 months), and Tim Muzzie

here to do electrical work with me.
Also, we have Stacie Tippet and Cameron Coates as the full time

interns, here for a year not counting their visa renewal trips.

Their first trip will be coming up soon as well, in early March.

Since Tim got here, we have gotten a lot of work done on the

electrical system. We still have a pretty long list to work on.

Looks like tomorrow night we’ll be in Port-Au-Prince at that

house, and Tuesday we’ll be shopping then returning to Jacmel.
Plus I need to be in Les Cayes on Thursday for a big VIP meeting

with Missions International and businessmen from the area.

Today we got to take a trip to the beach too, just the younger

staff. Cameron, Kendra, Tim, Stacie, Me, and Josue went down. It

was sweet. The beachfront restaurant was very busy with people

down here for Carnival, and it was sweet to interact with them.

At first, it felt awkward to be the only white people around, but

pretty quickly we were just another part of the crowd.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got again tonight, but it’s an update

before I started getting distracted by having people around

again. 🙂

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