I’m back in Jacmel.
Church was great last night, and today I got Sister Bonite’s new inverter installed.
It is a Prostar, which is made in China, but it is a 4kW, pure sine inverter for $900. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works.
The manual was not helpful at all, but I usually don’t read them anyhow.

Also, please be praying for Gayly, last night he broke/dislocated his should in an ATV accident.
Hopefully he’ll recover soon.

Funny story from last week:
During a worship session with the world race team, I was asking God in prayer to restore me to a place of desperation for Him. A place where I have nothing of my own, but amm desperately crying out for his help.
That night, at 2am, as I was sitting in front of a toilet throwing up, I found that point again.
Not what I had in mind.
But it was still great and hilarious as the song “Majesty” popped into my head:
“Here I am, humbled by your majesty”

Future Plans (Si Dye Vle)

Wednesday, return to Grand Goave:
Sunday, back to Jacmel for church
Monday, hang with the world race team in Jacmel
Tuesday, get out to Les Cayes to work with Dr. Jay again.
Saturday, get to PAP to meet up with Josh and crew coming from Johnstown (if you havent signed up, do so now, but no backing out. 🙂
We’ll hang in jacmel for the week doing projects.
Then, up to PAP on the 17th to pick up Cherith and Dan, and Megan. I’m so excited I can’t express for them to come.
We’ll hang in GG, but travel to show Dan different engineering projects I’ve been working on and meet other awesome missionaries while we’re there.

April 5th I come home.

This trip is going fast.

Wish List will be getting emailed to Josh and Cherith and Dan soon to fill up suitcases.
Arnold Palmer and Propel drink packets supplies have run out on me down here. Just sayin’

God Bless.

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