-Been working at the Hands and Feet site in Grand Goave.
-Fixed some electrical issues, finshing up odd jobs to get the kids

moved in.
-Should have license plate tomorrow or the next day, then will go to

Jacmel to Madam Bonite’s and HAF-Cyvadier.

Good thought for the day:
Andrew Sutton, the HAF missionary here in GG, prayed for lunch

today. He asked that we would see the world as our Father sees it.

Loving like He loves us.
It made me think about the kids this week. I have been a little

irritated by the amount of kids asking for things cause they see my

truck is full of stuff.
Specifically, some of them saw the soccer balls and everyone is

asking for one now. I don’t want to give to all of them because I

want to share with other communities. One ball will be shared by

many kids, so they don’t each need a ball. Especially cause they

have other things to worry about.
When they ask for food or water, my heart aches, and I try to give

anything I can. However, when they ask for my bracelet, or a ball,

or whatever, I see them as luxuries and not what the actually need.

How does our Father view us? Are we always asking for little things

that may bring a little happiness today but are not what we truly

need? Do we understand if He says no and desperately tries to give

us what we need instead of simply what we ask for?

Does He give us what we ask for sometimes as well, even if we don’t

need it, just cause he wants to see the joy in our faces as his


Share some thoughts.

Also, to tip my hand. I want more soccer balls. They travel well

uninflated. I think these ones cost $5/each. Consider sponsoring a

soccer ball to send down here. Even better, write something to the

recipient. Probably best to write on an index card and tape it to

the ball. I will try my best to translate all the messages.
Send the ball and card to my house, or $5 and a card would work too.
I’ll be home in August and will bring more balls back with me then.

I’m also working on getting family size packages of rice to carry in

my truck to hand out to the kids asking for food. We’ll see how that


Praise Report:
First, the problem. Delvar (Grand Goave electrician) used my tool

belt while I was gone. Then he put it away in the HAF tool room,

where all the teams and haitian workers get their needed tools from.

So, when I got here, my belt and all my personal set of tools were

But, just about everything has been located. Looks like I’m only

missing my insulated screwdrivers ($5 from Harbor Freight) and my

Utility Knife ($10 from Lowe’s). Got all my important tools back, my

pliers, wire strippers, tape, hammer, electricians belt, etc.

Awesome that it all worked out.

Wish List:
-USB keyboard (nothing fancy). Need to mail one to Akron (Kim

Conrad) to bring down in early August for Kera, a missionary in

Grand Goave. She fights to type on her netbook and would be much

better off with a seperate keyboard. Probably only $5-10, so if

someone could help her out, that would be awesome.
-More Soccer Balls.

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