I’ve been busy working with “Be Like Brit” the past couple days.

Not gonna lie, getting onto their schedule is rough.
I’m not a morning person, but I was ready to go at 6am with their crew today. It worked

out pretty well I guess.

I’ve learned alot from their two electricians that are here, and they are great guys to

work with.
I’ve also had a great time working with the haitian crew. My Kreyol is ginally up to the

point that I can be involved in conversations throughout the day, and I found out that

many of the guys on our crew are from other parts of Haiti and came to Grand Goave for

work. Delvar and Judelyn are from Cap Haitien, and Plimo (as he wrote on his helmet) is

from La Goanave.

Many people still ask if I’m married or have kids, and while it used to annoy me, it

really has been a chance to share with them that everything in my life is about what God

has. I’m not married, cause He hasn’t brought that into my life yet, and if He had, then

maybe I wouldn’t have come to Haiti in the first place, and most likely I wouldn’t live

here now.
So, it ends up being a good testimony to how God works in our lives, even when it is

through not doing something.

I also got an email from Xantrex back today.
It was unexpected, and will start to redeem them quite well to be honest.
They sent my come good documentation to try to repair some of the broken inverters that I

am working on.
My current body count is 5 broken inverters (All Xantrex, cause it’s the most popular

company here, ie, the cheapest).
I had gotten to the point of simply referring people to other inverters, because Xantrex

usually recommends we take the broken ones to their repair facility in Port-Au-PRince,

except that no one has had a good experience with that facility. So, I figured I would at

least ask them to help me to repair the broken units for Mercy and Sharing, La Croix,

Greg’s house, and Militon. (Plus the one riding around in my truck that I picked up

broken from someone, I just don’t remember who.)

I look forward to working on these things. I just need to get my housing/workshop figured

out still.
On that front, I may have a lead.
I may not be renting land, at least not yet, because a friend of mine is renting a house

that is too big for their organization, meaning they have room. It could be a good fit,

so I’m praying about it now.

Anyhow, I have to get up early in the morning, so I’m off to bed now.
Good night and God Bless.

-Please pray for me, as I continue working this week, that I can minister to everyone on

the work crew with me.
-Please pray for Creation. This is an awesome week for spiritual growth to happen in many

ways. We pray knowing that God will show up and change lives, but pray specifically for

anyone you know attending that they will have a new revelation of His love and grace and

purpose for their lives.
-Please pray for Cherith. We had a great week in Haiti, and, as many people have

expressed, it can be a rough transtition back to the U.S. daily grind. Also pray for

Daniel as he is out of the country again, and is looking forward to getting back and

celebrating (a little late) their 10th anniversay. 🙂

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