Thought of the Day:


People tell me all the time, Be Safe, Be Careful, Don’t Get Hurt… (they also say don’t do anything stupid, but we’ll leave that for another train of thought)

We, as christians, pray for safe travels, tell each other to be safe…

Why is this the thought? Well, cause I’ve got some stories about it.

First, there was the story about the pedestrian, hit by a car and bleeding in the road. Our drive would not stop to help because it was not safe. There is more of that story in the blog post from 15Feb11 or so.

Second, there is the story of our road trip yesterday. On the way from Jacmel to Grand Goave with our driver, Franz, and our whole team, we suffered a blown tire. I honestly remember Madam Bonite praying for “traveling mercies” during our sendoff from her place just about a half hour before, and I appreciate that prayer. Considering the road we were to be traveling, up and over the mountains, and all the blind curves, we ended up blowing out the tire in about the safest place possible. A nice flat stretch of road, with good line of sight both directions. I definitely think God was looking out for our physical safety there.

Third, and this is a story I was NOT part of. Fre Ed, Pastor Lex, and Renee were all discussing a little boat trip they took a couple months back, where they got stuck out on the ocean with a broken engine for about 5 hours. Overall, there was little worry about safety among this crew, but some people would have real insecurity out there.

All these stories have to do with safety, and whether or not God provides it, or whether we even give Him a chance.

In the first, we took our physical safety into our own hands, possibly missing a great opportunity to show the love of Christ, in a direct analogy to the good samaritan. Granted, Franz, the driver is not a missionary, he is a taxi driver, so I do not fault him. But, for me, it was an important lesson.
In the second, we were not worried about our physical safety, per se, but God did provide for our well-being. (btw, I have a picture of the tire on facebook now)
In the third, some of the people in the boat did freak out, and were praying frantically that God would provide for their safety, cause He would not want them stranded out in the ocean.

I have just been realizing overall that God does not provide for our safety, He IS our safety.

In anything that occurs, if I believe the words of Paul, to live is Christ, to die is gain. God will provide for my well-being according to His will, and to His purpose. For Paul, that meant shipwrecks and imprisonment, but ultimately glory to God.

I pray that I can live up to the standards of trusting in Christ for my safety completely, knowing that nothing that happens on this earth can ever jepordize my eternal security with my heavenly father.

That’s it for tonight…God Bless

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