Daily Double! Two posts today, enjoy!


Internet is really bad lately at the guest house. Haven’t been

able to connect in several days now.
Combined with very poor cell phone coverage, maybe it’s just

Mission of Hope’s secret plan to keep me in Grand Goave longer.


Been a great few days though.
We’re getting a lot of good work done at the Hands and Feet site

in Grand Goave. This will also be huge for Mission of Hope, as

their construction project can’t get going in full until the kids

are moved from their site to the HAF site.

Now I’m learning how to lay block, mix cement and mortar, and

generally put in a foundation for a small building. Since these

are 12′ x 12′ wooden framed buildings we’re not using rebar in

them, so I’ll have to get rebar lessons later though.

Jude has come up from Les Cayes to help me with things around

here, and has been great. Turns out he knows plenty about block-

laying and other building trades. Combined with his english and

ability/willingness to learn new techniques, he could make a

great construction boss down here for a missions organization.

I actually got a little sun burn today. First time this year.

Summer is going to come in strong I think.

Funny update, since I am posting two blogs today. The plumbing

project I was working on last time, while finished now, certainly

had some excitement. Jude and I both ended up putting a foot

through the cieling here, and we had a leak of about 300 gallons

of water that I had to try to keep from going into the bathroom

below me. Thankfully I was able to find some rain gutter that we

had laying around and used that to drain most of the water out of

the building. I hate plumbing. 🙂

Also, please be aware that if I have not answered your email,

(Michael Noon, Jeff Bunk, and many others), it is due to poor

internet. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

God Bless,

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