In Les Cayes tonight. Barking dogs abound. Sitting on the porch, enjoying a time of reflection.

My parents got in 2 days ago. It’s been great. They’ve been troopers cause it’s been a rough go of things. Plans have changes a lot, and our itinerary includes a ton of travel.

First, they got it on a 3pm flight. My plan was to pick them up and finish wiring up Claude’s school in PAP before heading to Grand Goave for the night.
Unfortunately, that plan required me to have the job almost done before they got there with the rest of the supplies. Sadly, I didn’t account for just how little room there was to work when the kids were in school. I did all I could, but after I picked them up, we couldn’t finish, even with a very strong effort. We finally quit when it was too dark to tie in any more junction boxes. Then, we ate dinner that Claude had made before leaving to spend the night at Visa Lodge, the hotel I was in two weeks ago while working on Claude’s school.
So, they got up way early to travel, got here, worked hard until dark, then got to enjoy a night time car trip for about 20 mins across PAP. THEN, Visa Lodge had no vacancy. So, they got to wait around while I made other arrangements before we got in the car and went on another 15 min drive.
They were super awesome about it though. And, we had a great night at the Heartline Ministries Guest House. My parents were actually happy that I showed I have enough contacts that I am taken care of, even when unexpectedly stuck in PAP.
That night also reintroduced me to the Brown’s from Jacmel. Jeff and Tammy have contacted me before for help with their batteries and inverter since they are friends with the Suttons (HAF-GG).

Then yesterday, we got up at 5am, finished our work at Claude’s before the kids got to school, and drove the whole way out to Les Cayes to stay at the MIA Guest House. That’s a rough drive, but they were great about it again.

This morning, we went out to the Brad Reddick School, founded by MIA. Mostly we were picking up stuff I had left in the container there and just touring the work, but it was a lot of fun.
I got to see Cheriben and Boomba (picture with my mom and dad here).

They were very excited to show me the work they have been doing with the garden project behind the school. The garden is doing great, and I had to smile while driving through Savanette to see locals using the water system and drip irrigation tools MIA has provided.

Then, we got to play with the new kindergarteners, who happened to be on recess at the time. This was great, cause these kids havent been around teams of white people yet, so they were pretty excited to meet us.
They had a lot of fun playing with my parents, and my mom even blended in well with her red shirt matching all the kids new uniforms.

Finally, we went back to the guest house to fix the broken BUV.
My parents were amazing helpful, as was Eli (Amoce’s dad). Amoce is the haitian director for MIA and his family stays at the guest house. I thought it was neat for Eli to help use cut and pry off the old welded on scab plates and fix our broken BUV properly. Sadly, things never go easily in Haiti, so I didn’t finish tonight. Mostly due to delays cause by (1) a tire leak that I had to go have checked out at the tire shop. It needs to be replaced, so tomorrow morning we will have to change it to the spare and I will have to buy a new tire sometime. and (2) EDH, the power company, never turned on the power tonight, so I had to run everything off my generator. Not a problem, but I had to go change money and buy gas before we could do that. Then, I kept tripping the breaker and couldn’t weld cause I had accidently left the A/C on in the back of the truck after I slept in my truck the other night. Took us about 20-30 mins to fix that mistake.
Either way. I have the thing welded back together. Just gonna test drive it tomorrow morning, then weld the crap out of it to make sure it holds secure before I leave town.

God Bless.

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